CloudEight Stationery News, January 14, 2002

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CloudEight Stationery
January 14, 2002

In this issue:

* A New Collection of CloudEight Stationery
* Cloudeight Cdroms and Valentine GiftPak
* Information Avenue Newsletter
* Valentines Day Goodies
* A Special Gift For Our Members
* Tips & Info - Create a Desktop Icon to GiftPage!

Dear Friends,

Welcome to 2002! Most of you should notice that your downloads are faster, as well as your page viewing on Cloudeight as we have another new dedicated server! Cloudeight welcomed nearly 10 million visitors in 2001, and we showed over 800 million page views thanks to all the referrals you have given us! Please continue to recommend us in 2002; we have a new recommend page at: . We've also just completed building a brand new guest book too! You're all invited to come sign it ! You'll find our new guest book right here!

CloudEight CD's and Valentine GiftPak

We are once again offering a GiftPak of the Cloudeight Cdrom, which includes a Regular Cloudeight Cdrom and a PLUS! Cdrom, ready for giftgiving for Valentines Day! In addition to over 1500 Cloudeight stationery, screensavers, wonderscreens and quicknotes included on our Regular Cdrom, you get a screen saver creator, a desktop wallpaper manager, and an e-greeting card creator all included on our Cloudeight Plus! Cdrom. Each GiftPak will include a Valentines Day gift card and a Cdrom Mailer, ready to send to your Valentine!

We hope you will consider ordering one of our Cloudeight Cdroms; we need your support to help keep Cloudeight online, as well as maintain and improve our Website. So please help support CloudEight by purchasing one of our CD-ROMs or our Holiday GiftPak.

A New Collection of CloudEight Stationery

Our latest collection of CloudEight Stationery is entitled "A Spinner of Dreams: The art of Denton Lund." This collection based on art by Denton Lund includes a spectacular variety of Wildlife, Visionery, Western and Native American art. To preview and download this collection, click here. Please take a tour of Denton's online studio where he has many more paintings displayed, as well as an online store for ordering paintings, prints, puzzles, posters, notecards and more!

Free CD Software!

Our partnership with Unbeatable Deals enables us to offer you FREE CD-ROM software. Cloudeight visitors can choose from Software such as Ultimate Scrapbook Deluxe, Calendar Creator Plus, Reader Rabbit and Sesame Street for Kids, ClipArt Disks and dozens of other full-versioned software at no cost! No Catch! No Gimmicks! Just pay shipping and handling. Click here for the best Unbeatable Deals on free software! You'll be helping CloudEight too!

High Impact Email Offer

If you think Stationery is cool , wait until you see High Impact eMail! This Outlook and OE add-on includes over 300 professionally designed templates enabling you to send company stationery with photo, signature and logo, advertisements, resumes, newsletters, & more. Normally $49.95, TemplateZone is offering CloudEight members a special price of just $29.95 w/ FREE Newsletters Pack (a $29 value). Your #1 source for Office add-ons: TemplateZone. Please Click Here to Take Advantage of this great offer.

Information Avenue

Our new weekly newsletter which we call Information Avenue will be starting out soon, so if you have not joined, click here to subscribe! We will be sharing share great tips and tricks for Outlook Express and Internet Explorer. We'll also cover Windows XP, as well as keeping you up-to-date on virus and security issues. If you'd like to receive this informative and helpful CloudEight publication please click here to subscribe.

Valentines Day Goodies

Our next newsletter is our annual Valentine's Day special! But, in the meantime, you can find dozens of selections by visiting our Valentines Day page by clicking here! Here you will find dozens of valetines stationery, Valentines Acpressions Greetings, and more!

Special Member's Gift!
QuickNotes 43: The Art of Denton Lund

Our latest Quicknotes collection is a mail list members only gift featuring the art of Denton Lund.   Due to many requests from you we've done this QuickNotes collection in Geopapers® style.
To preview and download this member's only QuickNotes collection, please click here!

Tips and Info

We receive hundreds of letters from members who have lost their Members Only Gift Page address. We do not require any kind of password or sign-in process. To put a Cloudie icon on your desktop, so that you can click it to get to the Members Only page, simply right click when you are on the members page, and choose "create shortcut." When you want to visit the members page, just click the icon on your desktop and you will be there!

Virus and worms/trojan continue to be spread around the Internet. We have a page that will alert you to newest virus, as well as information on how to keep your machine protected. Click here to visit our Virus Information and FAQ page.

If you have friends who would enjoy this newsletter please help us by forwarding them a copy!

Thanks so much for being on our mail list! Don't forget to recommend us to your friends by clicking here and sign our brand new guest book too!

Best wishes always,

Thundercloud & Eightball
CloudEight Stationery

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