Think of this as an experiment in consumer education - Thank you for visiting our Premium 3D Screen Savers' Web site. If you've been looking for beautiful, realistic, 3D screen savers but you have found that the only ones you can find on the Web are full of malware, spyware, adware, browser hijackers and search engine exploits, you'll be happy to know that our screen savers are 100% guaranteed to be free from any of those types of things. When you download our Premium 3D Screen Saver you can trust that they are produced by Cloudeight. We've had a long standing and excellent reputation for fighting against spyware, adware and web sites that trick you into installing software by promising one thing and delivering another. Free free to check our reputation at

How Do The Other Guys Give These Screen Savers Away Free? Wouldn't you know? Somebody has to pay! The other so-called "free" screen saver sites offer you these same screen savers "free". But you pay a lot for them. Not in dollars but in other ways. And, instead of paying once, you pay over and over again. You pay with poor computer performance, you pay by having your search results hijacked and advertisements, which are cleverly disguised as search results, injected, and you pay because you are never secure online. Why? Because your searches are constantly monitored, the Web sites you visit are being monitored, and advertisements will appear in the program interfaces, or worse, may appear to popup from nowhere. The companies that offer these screen savers free insist they are not spyware or adware. That depends on your definition. All of them install these "free" screen inside a bundle of software, which, besides the screen saver, contains the browser hijackers, spyware, adware, and other kinds of malware which "pay" for the program. What you get are screen savers which don't cost any money, but you pay for them over and over again. In fact as long as they are installed on your computer you will pay with your online privacy, poor computer performance, endless popup advertising, increased spam and worse. In the end, these so-called "free" screen savers may indeed end up costing you a lot of money. Industry experts say that adware/spyware and browser/search engine exploitation software are the biggest reason PC owners take their computers to computer repair technicians. Let's face it folks. Big companies aren't going to spend millions of dollars on advertising just to give you something free. Think about it.

Want the truth?  All of the "free" 3D screen savers you've seen around the Web use bundling - and this increases the risk to your computer and to your online privacy. And it may cost you a lot of money if these bundles ruin your Windows installation. After downloading the other guy's so-called "free" screen savers you may notice that you receive more spam; that you have ads popping up all over your computer; that your computer runs poorly and more slowly; that your search results seem to be all ads and with no relevance to what you searched for; in short, you might notice that your online experience is full of annoyances, unexplained crashes, unexplained popups, advertising and other frustrating things. There's no such thing as a free lunch. Not when the free lunch is coming from multi-million dollar corporations who trick you into download to get their "hooks" into your computer. Once they do, your computer belongs to them.

So, how do we pay for this? When you download and install our 3D screen savers you get only the screen saver you downloaded. The only other thing you get is our guarantee that our screen savers are safe and 100% free of anything besides the screen saver you downloaded. We don't bundle other programs with them, we don't track you, we don't send you spam, we don't install other programs on your computer without your permission.

Here's what we do:  We offer one of our premium screen savers free of charge; all you have to do is try the free trial of our Aquarium Scene II Screensaver and you will be automatically redirected to the download page for a free full version of our "Tropical Butterflies Mountain Waterfall." We do this so you can see how beautiful and realistic our Premium 3D Screen Savers are. If you think they're as nice as we do, then we're betting you'll come back and buy some of the other Premium 3D Screen Savers we offer (a very minimal cost!). If you come back and order one or more of our other Premium 3D Screen Savers - that's great. You are helping to support the development of more family-safe Premium 3D Screen Savers. If not, you may keep our free Premium 3D Screen Saver with our compliments. We hope you enjoy it. We want to prove that this model can work. We think we can beat the spyware/adware guys because we believe in you. We think once you know the truth, you'll agree that our way is better.

In short, we're betting that many folks will come back after seeing how nice our complimentary 3D Premium Screen Saver is and purchase other 3D Screen Savers. We're betting that folks would rather pay a small price for a clean, safe, 3D Screen Saver than to pay for it with their online privacy, poor computer performance, annoying ads popping up all over the place, advertising being injected into search results, etc.

We hope you'll support our efforts to educate Internet users about the dangers and annoyances of spyware, adware, browser/search engine exploits and software bundles. When we say our complimentary 3D Premium Screen Saver is free. We mean it. We hope you'll download our free version and we hope you'll enjoy it. If you come back to buy one of our other premium 3D screen savers, then this experiment will work. If you don't, hopefully someone else will. Whatever way this experiment works out, you are welcome to keep the beautiful free 3D screen saver we gave you. No tricks. No bundles. No adware. No spyware.

The only advertising you'll ever see with any Cloudeight Product appears on our Web site and not on your computer. We use our own resources to display ads on our property - we will never use your resources to display ads on your property. The advertising you see on this page supports the cost of operating this Web site. No ads will ever appear on your computer from any Cloudeight product. You have our word on it.

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