Cloudeight Christmas Donation and Gift Station
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16GB READYBOOST READY USB FLASH DRIVEBrand name 16GB USB Flash Drive - ReadyBoost Ready
Donate $35 or more

  • Great for stocking stuffers
  • Fast 16GB USB Flash drive
  • ReadyBoost Ready - Add memory to your computer in a flash!
  • Huge 16GB capacity holds thousands of your files, photos and MP3s. Stores over 12 hours of video content including your favorite movies
  • Free Shipping (Limited Time Only)
  • Great for keeping your important files and documents safely backed up

These brand name 16GB flash drives make great gifts and stocking stuffers that any computer user will appreciate... and use!


Microsoft Wireless Mini USB Mouse (Pink)
Donate $30 or more (U.S. Customers)
Donate $40 or more (International Customers)

  • Great for laptops
  • Snap in USB receiver automatically connects to your PC or laptop
  • One AA battery included; lightweight, rubber side grips
  • Battery Status Indicator + average 6 months battery life
  • Includes 5+ magnifier, available by download from Microsoft
  • High definition 4 button optical technology
  • Works on almost any surface!
  • Get more information here

Donate amount (or more) for your location and we'll send you our Wireless Optical Scroll Mouse


We'll send you 2 when you donate $30 or more!

  • We'll send you two 2GB USB flash drives for your donation of $30 or more!
  • Great for stocking stuffers
  • Fast 2GB USB Flash drive
  • Stylish bracelet makes it easy to take your favorite files wherever you go
  • Get two for your donation of $30 or more
  • Keep your your medical information with you in case of emergency
  • Holds thousands of documents, photos, or MP3s

Donate $30 or more


Living Fireplace DVDLiving Fireplace DVD
+ WinterHouse Screensaver
We'll send you both when you donate $20 or more!

  • Filmed in 1080p & 720p HD Video-Wide Screen Format
  • 21 total scenescapes including Play All sequence
  • 10 soothing music and natural sound effects in Dolby Digital
  • Works on all Plasma, LCD, DLP, CRT, Projection, Home Theater HDTVs
  • Over 120 minutes of total content
  • Each scene plays in a continuous loop
  • Get the Living Fireplace DVD for your TV and our popular WinterHouse Screensaver for your computer (downloadable version) with your donation.
  • Get more information here.

Donate $20.00 or more and we'll send you the Living Fireplace DVD plus our WinterHouse Screen Saver (downloadable version)