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Countdown To Halloween

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Welcome to our "Haunted" Halloween home page. Did you know that Cloudeight has the largest selection of free Halloween stationery on the Web?

Using Windows 7 or Windows 8? YES YOU CAN USE THIS STATIONERY!

If you're using Windows 7 or Windows 8 --you CAN use Windows Mail and you CAN use this stationery. We can set up Windows Mail on Windows 7 and Windows 8 --and you can use this fun stationery too!  Learn more here.

Listed below you'll see various Cloudeight Halloween creations with a short description. The links will open in a new window so you preview our selections and quickly find your way back to this page to get more free Cloudeight Halloween treats.  We have new collections for Windows 7/Windows Live Mail - they are noted as such in the listing below.

New collections for 2012 will be listed soon and will be noted with with the word -- NEW!

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Halloween stationery collections are listed below. All stationery designs
feature scrolling backgrounds and music. Each collection contains 8 to 12 stationery!
Updated for 2012!

Halloween 1
Stationery Collection
Halloween 2
Stationery Collection
Halloween 3
Dennis Cox Halloween
Halloween 4
The "Spooky Season"
Halloween 5
Stationery Collection
Halloween 6
Stationery Collection
Halloween 7
Stationery Collection
Halloween 8
Haunted Studio
 Halloween 9
Haunted Houses
Halloween  10
Halloween 11
Haunted Studio 2
KillerPumpkins - Revisited
Halloween 12
Spooky Mail
Halloween 13
Haunted Studio III
Halloween 14
Haunted Studio IV
Halloween 15
 The Return of the KillerPumpkins
Halloween 16
Halloween 17
Happy Halloween
 Halloween 18
Halloween Memories
QuickNotes 159
Halloween Memories
Halloween Memories
For IncrediMail
Halloween 19
Pumpkins and Stuff
 QuickNotes 160
Pumpkins and Stuff
Pumpkins & Stuff
For IncrediMail
Halloween Tyme
for Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Thunderbird, and IncrediMail
Haunted Tyme
for Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Thunderbird, and IncrediMail

Hollywood Zone in
Great Halloween Costumes - Great Prices - Online Now

Halloween QuickNotes collections are listed below. QuickNotes do not
scroll and have no music. Simple and stylish, QuickNotes add a nice Halloween touch
to all your holiday emails. QuickNotes collections contain 8 to 10 stationery designs.
Updated for 2012!

Victorian Halloween
QuickNotes Collection
Best of Cloudeight
Halloween QuickNotes
QuickNotes 55
Haunted Harvest
Halloween QuickNotes
Killer Pumpkins QuickNotes
QuickNotes 102
Haunted Studio
Killer Pumpkins 2
QuickNotes 122
Spooky Mail
QuickNotes 123
Haunted Studio 3
QuickNotes 142
Haunted Studio 4
QuickNotes 143
Return of the KillerPumpkins
QuickNotes 144
Halloween 17

Listed in this section you'll find all our other Halloween goodies including Halloween
screen savers, Funletters, Greetings, WonderScreens, "Scream Savers" and more!
Just our way of wishing you a Happy Halloween!

Halloween "Scream" Saver
Halloween Screen Saver
Screen Saver
 no preview
Halloween WonderScreens
Active Desktops -not for Vista
Halloween Pumpkins
Halloween Screen Saver
Halloween "Cubes"
Halloween Screen Saver
Autumn Screen Saver
A Walk In Autumn
Autumn Screen Saver
Autumn's Snowflakes
Autumn Screen Saver
A Village In Autumn
Killer Pumpkins
Halloween Screen Saver
Autumn Wallpaper
Gallery Five
Autumn Wallpaper
A Village In Autumn
Halloween Funletters
Fun Stationery
six collections

Visit our Thanksgiving Home Page for lots of great family-safe things for Thanksgiving! And don't forget our award-winning Cloudeight Christmas Home Page for the Web's biggest collection of Christmas Stationery and more!

Have some Halloween fun on the Hill

Cloudeight Stationery is the Web's most popular free email stationery. Cloudeight provides the Internet community with the largest selection of free email stationery too. Our Halloween stationery has won many awards and has been featured in newspapers and magazines. And don't forget we have award-winning Christmas stationery too. Visit our Cloudeight Christmas Home Page for all our Christmas stationery, screen savers, QuickNotes, WonderScreens, Acpressions, Wallpaper and more! Be sure to visit our Christmas page today!

We hope you will share all our free Halloween treats with your friends and family members. It's easy to do. By clicking the "Share this" link below you can share our Halloween treats by E-mail, or on Facebook, MySpace, Digg, AOL, and others. Please feel free to share this page with your family and friends! Have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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