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Man's Best Friend   (individual downloads )

Welcome to our Classy Canines Stationery Page.

Please note! If you are new, be sure to read our  help pages so the stationery will work properly! If you follow the correct three steps, your stationery will have preset margins and text color!

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Click Here to download the whole dog-gone collection of Man's Best Friend Stationery ! bark! bark!
Click here to Download Standard Collection of Man's Best Friend

You Must be using Outlook Express to use Advanced !!
Click here to Download Advanced collection of Man's Best Friend

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Click here for info on the advanced collection which creates a separate directory and folder for each collection.  You must be using Outlook Express to use the Advanced Option.



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©1999/2001 by CloudEight Internet Designs and CloudEight Stationery.  "What's That" stationery is based on a painting by ©Mia Lane and used with permission. 

Cloudeight stationery is compatible with Outlook and Outlook Express using Windows 95/NT/98/2000/Me/XP

Disclaimer: While we try to use the proper names with the breeds we display, please keep in mind that we are not canine specialists and that oftentimes the names we use are the names the artist gives to the picture. We make this strictly for enjoyment as is.  We covered almost 40 breeds and were unable to include all.   Any omission to your favorite breed is not intentional.