Fanta Sea
From Cloudeight's Mystical Dreams: The Art of Jim Warren collection
Featured Artist: Jim Warren
Music Composed by Don Gilman
September 2002

This Cloudeight Stationery design is based on artwork by Jim Warren. Please take a moment to visit his online gallery! If you need help using our stationery please see our help page.

Alone On The Sea
(By Thundercloud & Eightball)

Without you, I am a ship, alone on the sea;
Without any 'you' there isn't any 'me'.
Life is a journey, a journey to share,
With someone to love, and someone to care.
Sailing the ocean alone without dreams,
Watching the moonlight alone as it beams...
I'd be a lost, lonely, sailor, alone on the sea...
Without any you, there isn't any me.

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This stationery design is copyright 2002 by Cloudeight Stationery. This stationery design is based on artwork copyright by Jim Warren and used with permission. Music composed and coyright by Don Gilman