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We want to wish all of you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thanks so much for being Members of CloudEight Stationery and for your continued and generous support. God Bless and Merry Christmas from Thundercloud & Eightball, CloudEight Stationery

Thanks Cloudie and Dennis!
Our thanks to Dennis Cox for all his wonderful contributions to CloudEight this year! He's been a great asset to our site and a great friend! Thanks Dennis! Click on Cloudie to visit the Online Gallery of Dennis Cox!

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Welcome to CloudEight Stationery's "A Dennis Cox Christmas" QuickNotes 41 collection. This collection features original art by CloudEight's official illustrator Dennis Cox and design work by CloudEight. We hope you enjoy using this CloudEight QuickNotes Stationery this Holiday Season. Please don't forget to visit Dennis on the web at https://www.djart.com/ . Please sign his guest book and thank him for sharing his talent with us all!

This QuickNotes Collection, due to its small file size is available only as a complete collection. Please be sure to read the information on our help and FAQ pages if you are new to our stationery and Quicknotes stationery. All CloudEight Stationery and QuickNotes have preset margins, contrasting font colors and pre-sent font styles for your convenience.

A full preview of each stationery included in this QuickNotes collection is available by clicking on the title of it below. Each selection in this collection has the common prefix "qn41" for ease in locating.

Click Here to Download "QuickNotes 41: A Dennis Cox Christmas" For Outlook Express Only

Click Here to Download "QuickNotes 41: A Dennis Cox Christmas" For Outlook and others

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Thanks for being a CloudEight Member, for supporting our site, and for telling your friends about us. We wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy, and safe New Year! And a special thanks to our Official Illustrator, Dennis Cox, for allowing us to use his illustrations in this CloudEight QuickNotes collection and for his many contributions throughout this year!   Please visit Dennis online at https://www.djart.com/ and tell him thanks for the great stuff!

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All content is copyright � 2001-2002 by CloudEight Internet Designs/CloudEight Stationery. Original art by Dennis Cox is copyright � Dennis Cox (all rights reserved) and is used by special arrangement. You can contact CloudEight at cloudeight@thundercloud.net .