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Cloudeight InfoAve Weekly
Issue #909
Volume 18 Number 19
March 12, 2021

Dear Friends,

Welcome to Cloudeight InfoAve Weekly Issue #909. Thank you very much for subscribing and for being a part of our Cloudeight family. We appreciate your friendship and support very much!  Please share our newsletters and our Website with your friends and family.

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OE Classic & Cloudeight
Our newest Cloudeight Endorsed Email Program - Very Similar to Windows Mail & Outlook Express. Stationery works great!

Read more about OE Classic here!

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Cloudeight InfoAve

Robert has a couple of questions
1) I forget how to search the back notes for a covered subject. All I could find was individual newsletters, and that would be slog looking for one article for a reputable app.

2) Recently, I saw in two of my highly regarded notes, were uses of McAfee for its credibility as a reliable approval source. One use for a bank and the other for a password generator/storage for credit card.

So tell me dear ones of great knowledge, has McAfee cleaned up their act to one of great respect or just a PR's greatest success of turning a skunk cabbage into a sows ear of a purse?

Ergo: Long past this guy had to escape from some tiny island for fear of incarceration or was that all "incorrectly" reported?

Our answer
Hi Robert. You can search thousands or our newsletter articles and website posts all in one place. See this page to learn how easy it is:

As far as McAfee goes, the only things that have changes are the price and the advertising hyperbole. Supposedly, they've added lots of new "features", but still can't protect your PC from malware and PUPs.  as well as Emsisoft can.

As far as identity theft, phishing scams, support scams and the like, despite all the advertising, there's not a software program on this planet that can protect users from themselves. Take a look at this article.

John McAfee's escape from Belize was successful - but now he's being extradited from Spain on U.S. fraud charges related to pumping and dumping cryptocurrency.

I think this answers all your questions, but if not, let me know.

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Christine asks about the Brave security browser
Emsisoft recently recommended the Brave browser. What is your opinion of Brave and does Brave have TOR built in? Thank you. Christine

Our answer
Hi Christine. Brave is yet another security browser - and like all other browsers and so-called "security" browsers, it has its flaws. But it's definitely usable. But if you plan on using it for Gmail, or Amazon shopping, or any online shopping etc. you're going to have to get used to signing into those websites each time you visit. Some folks would find that annoying - especially with Gmail.

Brave is a browser that is built on Chromium, just like Edge and Chrome and dozens of other browsers. Brave has TOR built in. Keep in mind governments and authorities are very well acquainted with TOR and it's not as secure as it once was.

I'd recommend Brave for advanced users who are aware of the disadvantages to privacy browsers. Additional privacy means less convenience. And I'm not truly convinced that anything you do on the Web is "private" and sometimes I wonder if a false sense of security and privacy isn't worse than always being watchful, alert, and wary.

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Darlene asks about IMAP and POP3 email protocols
I forgot the neat article on POP3 and IMAP. I don't remember learning that before. I remembered that Google kept messages, but I want to be sure my Comcast account is set up that way, as well. Question: How can I check my Comcast account to determine which system (protocol) it is using? Thanks a lot for explaining what the difference is. Darlene

Our answer
Hi Darlene. You can look in your email program's server settings.

IMAP will show the following:
Incoming Mail Server Name:
Incoming Mail Server Port Number: 993

POP3 will show the following:
Incoming Mail Server Name:
Incoming Mail Server Port Number: 995

I hope this helps you, Darlene.

For those who have the same question, normally, but not always, IMAP or POP3 will be in the incoming server name.

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Hank says Emsisoft is blocking
I am sorry I am sending to you this way but I cannot get to anything at where I would go to send you a request.

I get this...

Cloudeight InfoAve or any other link

The page comes up for about five seconds, then this Emsisoft warning comes up. Thoughts…?

Our answer
Hi Hank. Try this:

Type Chrome://Extensions/ in the Chrome address bar.

Under the Emsisoft browser extension, turn the switch to off, then restart Chrome. Emsisoft is working on this issue. Turning off the browser extension does not affect Emsisoft AntiMalware. You will still be protected by Emsisoft Anti-Malware running on your computer.
Hank wrote back: "Done. thanks for the help. Y’all are GREAT!"

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Joyce deleted a folder by accident
Hi. I deleted a folder from my PC that I thought was empty I sent it to the recycle bin and emptied it then realized it had my fonts I had downloaded and saved in it. Is there a way to recover them? Is there a program i could use? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Joyce.

Our answer

Hi Joyce. If you have File History turned on (look in Settings > Update & Security > Backup - and look to see if File History is turned on. If it is, you can recover your folder from File History.

If File History is not turned on, you can try using Puran File Recovery … to recover the files/folder(s). See our article here.

We hope this helps you, Joyce.

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Linda has a problem with RoboForm
My RoboForm is not working correctly, and I cannot get help from them. The website won't take my master password. The page told me they would send me a way to reset my password. I gave them my email address but didn't receive an email from them. The password I'm talking about is my RoboForm master password. When I click the RoboForm icon, a wheel keeps spinning around, and I can't put in my master password. Help.

Our answer
Hi Linda. If you have RoboForm Everywhere, just go to the RoboForm website and log in. RoboForm will not give you your password. It is very well protected, so if you were told they would send you your master password, you were not talking to RoboForm. I hope you did not give any personal info. There is no way to recover your master password.

For more information see this page,

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Bill might be confusing MS Outlook with the Windows 10 mail app
This may seem silly, however I currently run Microsoft Office with Outlook. I also seem to have another email program which appears to be web-based running the same account.

When lockdown is over, I am going to help a friend who is not computer savvy and I would like to load this email app for him to access his email. account. Unfortunately, I don't remember/know how I got it in the first place. I wonder if you can shed any light on the subject. You guys seem extremely knowledgeable, and I have learnt a lot from your articles and answers to user's questions. Keep up the good work. Best regards, Bill.

Our answer
Hi Bill. Windows 10 comes with Windows 10 Mail app pre-installed and many people confuse it with Outlook - even though its interface and icon are quite different from Outlook's.

If you want to verify that what you're seeing is Windows 10 Mail app, open the Start menu, and under the "M" section, click "Mail" or just type Mail in Taskbar search and click on Mail app when it appears.

We hope this solves the puzzle for you.

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Jo read where SSDs can crash abruptly...
Last year I purchased an Acer TravelMate P215-51 that has an SSD (238 G). I heard that this type of drive can crash abruptly. Is there any way I can keep track of drive health?

Also, what can I do so as to prolong the life of the drive? I'm not able to understand its read/write function. Is it true that once this ability is used/filled up, the drive will be toast? If so, can a person protect the drive from having to use read/write too often?

One more question. In your fine article about Wi-Fi adapters: If internet connections sometimes get cut off, could it mean a driver needs updating, in addition to buying an adapter?

Any information you can offer would be immeasurably helpful! I rely on your expertise and trust it implicitly. Thank you kindly, Jo.

Our answer
Hi Jo. I'm not sure where you're getting your information, but SSDs generally last longer than HDDs since solid state drives.

Backblaze is a well-known data recovery and data backup company. Here's what they say:

"...Generally, SSDs are more durable than HDDs in extreme and harsh environments because they don’t have moving parts such as actuator arms. SSDs can withstand accidental drops and other shocks, vibration, extreme temperatures, and magnetic fields better than HDDs. Add to that their small size and lower power consumption, and you can understand why they’re a great fit for laptop computers and mobile applications..."

The average lifespan of an standard hard drive is about 10 years according to a study by Google and the University of Toronto. Google has been using SSDs in its data centers for over 6 years. The average lifespan of an HDD is around 6 years. If Google uses SSDs on its servers in its data centers, that's pretty good proof, at least for me, that they're not prone to abrupt crashes.

Also keep in mind, new SSDs are not like the ones from a few years ago. New SSDs use wear-leveling and "bad block management" new SSDs are a lot more resistant to catastrophic data loss. HHDs are much more prone to failure and data loss than SSDs.

Finally, there are many free programs you can download and install that work on both SSDs and HDDs, like CrystalDiskInfo - which was one of our freeware picks.

USB WiFi adapters come with installation software when necessary - you don't need to download any drivers.

We hope this addresses your concerns and answers your questions, Jo.

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Patty is having Wi-Fi troubles
Recently the Wi-Fi has been going off and coming back on fairly quickly. This morning when I signed on there was no Wi-Fi and I waited, and it did not come back on. I did a reboot and that did not fix it.  I was able to bring up the trouble shooter and a diagnostic was run and eventually the trouble shooter was able to get me back online. There was no rhyme nor reason that I could figure out that caused the off and on.

Today I was really scared because my computer is my lifeline, and I don't know how to contact you to call me on the landline I sent you. As usual, I don't suppose you can figure out what I'm reporting. My Brain is not what it used to be. Any help will be appreciated.

Our answer
Hi Patty. It sounds to me like this is something you should call your Internet Service Provider about. It sounds like a problem with your connection or with your computer's wireless card. Your ISP can check and make sure it's not a problem with the line coming into your house, your modem, or your router.

If it's not one of those, then it's probably your wireless card. If it's your wireless card, you can buy an inexpensive USB wireless (Wi-Fi) adapter that just plugs into a USB port. If you need to replace your wireless card with a USB Wi-Fi adapter, see this page for help.

In your case, I don't think this is a Windows issue.

We hope this helps you, Patty

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Polly needs to recover her Microsoft Account
You have worked on this laptop before. I am having trouble signing into my Microsoft account because my phone # has changed. I have followed their instructions and no luck. Is there some way you can help me? Also having trouble with my e-mail account also the same thing.

Thank you for your kindness to an 89-year-old who has become a chicken on my laptop. Bless you. Have a blessed weekend.

Our answer
Hi Polly. See the following page...

On that page you will find several ways of recovering your Microsoft account without a phone number.

We hope this helps you, Polly.

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Cheryl finds Task Manager's info confusing
After reading one of the articles in Issue #909 Newsletter, wherein you were helping a client check something on their computer and told them to right click an empty space on the task bar to open Task Manager, I clicked it to see what would come up. Oh, my goodness! Prior to Windows 10, whenever I opened Task Manager, it might have a few things running but nothing like this. Should I be concerned? Do you need to connect to my computer and give it a spring cleanup? My computer has been running slower than it used to; could this be why? I've never seen this many things in Task Manager before. I have no idea what I'm even looking at or what tab to click on if I needed to stop a program. Please advise. Thank you both. Please stay safe. Cheryl

Our answer
Hi Cheryl. Thank you!  There are 2 different views in Task Manager. The simple view (Less details) only shows a few things running - the full view shows every program, app, and process running. There is absolutely nothing strange about what you're seeing. Every tab and every extension in Chrome shows as a separate process in Task Manager.

Here's a couple screen shots of my laptop. These show less than half of all the background programs, processes, and programs running on my computer. It has always been this way - between 85 and 120 running processes. What slows your computer down is when your CPU and RAM and DISK show high percentages, not how my processes you see in Task Manager.

Cloudeight InfoAve

Cloudeight InfoAve

If you click on "Fewer details" at the bottom of Task Manager, you'll only see a few programs and that's what you were seeing before.

We hope this eases your mind, Cheryl.

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Cloudeight InfoAve Premium -Tips & Tricks

How to Stop Windows 10 From Automatically Updating Device Drivers
Windows 10 (all supported versions)

Most of you probably already know the dangers of installing Driver updaters. These ubiquitous programs are everywhere and pose a danger to your PC by automatically downloading the “newest” drivers for your device. Newer is not always better and many times these kinds of programs download the wrong drivers. Worse yet, these kinds of programs are often bundled with freeware and are installed without the user’s knowledge or permission – or else they are sold for $20 or $30 and then, encouraged and motivated by high commissions, are recommended by trusted Windows tips and tricks site or tech sites.  

Most of you know that Windows will automatically download updates for Windows 10 whenever they are available. However, did you know that Windows will also download and update device drivers and install them automatically?

We have been advocates against using any kind of automatic driver update software for a long time, but we’ have always been more tolerant of Windows automatic driver updates. It seemed logical to assume Microsoft would use caution and always provide you with the latest most up-to-date and correct drivers for your devices, but that’s not always the case.

So, we’re no longer comfortable giving Microsoft carte blanche to install software drivers automatically. Even if it worked as well as it is supposed to, there are a couple of things wrong with that methodology:

1. If your hardware devices are working well, you don’t need to update drivers.

2. Windows can and does sometimes download the wrong (or outdated) drivers for your hardware and can cause you a lot of problems. A good example of this is the problems that sometimes occur when Windows automatically downloads and installs updated graphics drivers. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve received emails from people who had problems with their computer’s display properties after a Windows update due to Windows having installed incorrect or incompatible display adapter driver during a Windows update.

The best course of actions is that you follow our advice. The only time you ever need to update your drivers is if a hardware device is not working correctly. Your printer, your display, your sound – are all examples of devices that use drivers.

If you do need to update a driver, the device manufacturer’s web site is the best (and only safe) place to go for new drivers. Not only are you assured you’ll get the correct driver(s), but you’ll also get the newest driver(s) including the ones with unique interfaces to interact with your device. 

So, what do if you want to prevent Windows from automatically updating drivers? You might think Windows Update would be the place to go to stop automatic driver update, but it is not.

Here’s how to disable automatic driver updates in Windows 10.

This is a short way to disable automatic driver updates. This method saves you several steps:

NOTE: If this does not work for you, see the long way further down on the page.

1. Type Device Installation in Taskbar search and press Enter when you see “Change device installation settings” appear at the top.

2.  When the “Device Installation settings” window appears, select “No (your device might not work as expected) & click “Save Changes”. See the screenshot below.

Cloudeight Windows 10 Tips & Tricks

And that’s it.

Here’s the long way to do it:

Type Control in Taskbar search. Press Enter when you see Control Panel at the top

In Control Panel go to Devices & Printers

Right-click on your computer icon and choose “Device installation settings” from the menu which appears.

Cloudeight Windows Tips & Tricks

When you click on “Device installation settings” you’ll see the following dialog open:

Cloudeight Windows 10 Tips & Tricks

Select “No (your device might not work as expected)”, then click “Save Changes”.

IMPORTANT: If you change your settings this way, you are responsible for updating device drivers if a hardware device is not working right. You should not update drivers if all your devices are working correctly.

WARNING:  Always get drivers from the manufacturer’s Website. NEVER SEARCH FOR DRIVERS, always go to the device manufacturers websites. Searching for drivers is a quick way of getting into trouble.

IF YOU CHANGE YOUR MIND:  And if you decide to let Windows automatically update drivers in the future, repeat the steps above, but this time select “Yes (Recommended)” in the Device Installation Settings dialog and click “Save changes”. 

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Five Easy Tips That We Use Every Day
Windows 10 (all supported versions)

There are hundreds of thousands of Windows tips around, in fact, there are thousands on our InfoAve site. But here are five Windows tips we use almost every day. These tips save time and are super-easy. Today, we’re going to share these five with you.

1: Bring up the Lock Screen in Windows 10.

If you press the Windows Key + L, it will bring up the lock screen in Windows 10.  If you use a password Windows Key + L will “lock” your Window 10 PC until you enter your password or PIN.

2: Make any word or phrase a hyperlink.

If you want to make a link out of a word or a phrase, like “Visit our InfoAve Website“, it’s super easy to do. Select the word or words you want to make into a hyperlink and press CTRL+K. A dialog will appear. In the dialog type or paste the URL (web site address) and press Enter. If you did that correctly, the word or words you highlighted are now a clickable hyperlink. This works with most word processors and email programs. It also works in Gmail. Try it!

3: Open a new instance of a program with just the click of your mouse.

Did you know on most computer mice, you can click the scroll wheel? You can and we call the “middle mouse button”. If you middle-click on the taskbar icon of an open program, it will open a new instance of that program. Try it. It works with Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Edge Dev, Notepad, File Explorer (Windows 10), (Windows Explorer in Windows 7), Thunderbird, and many other programs. In fact, it will work with any program that allows multiple instances to run.

4: Open Task Manager with a keyboard shortcut.

Just press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC and Task Manager will open.

5: Hide all open windows in a hurry.

If you want to clear all open windows from your screen quickly, press the Windows Key and the M key; to reopen them again, press Windows Key+SHIFT+ M.

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How to Delete Temporary Files Using File Explorer
Windows 10 (all versions)

If you’ve ever used Storage Sense (Settings) or Disk Cleanup to remove temporary files, you’ve probably noticed there are still many temporary files remaining after the cleanup.

If you want to clean nearly all your temporary files, try using File Explorer.

1. Important: Save anything you’re working on and close all open programs.

2. Press Windows + R to open a Run box.

3. Type %temp% into the Run box and press “Enter”.

Cloudeight Windows 10 Tips

4. A File Explorer window will open with a lot of temporary files and folders. Press Ctrl + A to select all the temporary files at once. When all are selected, right-click and choose “Delete”.

Cloudeight Windows 10 Tips

IMPORTANT: If you get a warning that certain files can’t be deleted – it’s because they’re in use. If you see this warning, just choose “Skip” to continue.

5. Press the Windows key + R to open another Run box. Type TEMP in the Run box and press “Enter”.

Cloudeight Windows 10 Tips

NOTE: You may get a warning that you don’t have permission to access this folder. If you do, just click “Continue”.

6. Press CTRL+A to select all the files and folders in the directory. Once they are all selected, right-click and choose “Delete”.

Cloudeight Windows 10 Tips

Again, something to remember – You may get a warning that certain files cannot be deleted. If you see this click “Skip”.

You’re almost done.

7. Right-click the Recycle Bin icon on the desktop and choose “Empty Recycle Bin.”

That’s it. Now you know how to delete almost all of your temporary files using File Explorer.

You can never delete all temporary files because as long as Windows is running, temporary files are constantly being created.

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Cloudeight InfoAve Premium -Tips & Tricks

 150 + 40 Minimalist Desktop Wallpaper and More

Rarely, do we ever feature a wallpaper site in our newsletters. This one was so unique we wanted to tell you about it. You may not know this, but TC is very minimalistic, while EB tends to be maximalistic, engaging in all sorts of exotic behavior, especially for a woman in her advanced age group — you know what I mean?

EB, honestly, do you really think you look cool driving around in that red Mercedes convertible? You think the young guys care? And don’t you think one 12-pack of beer is enough for one day? My heavens, do you need to drink a case a day? Think of your poor old liver.

OK. So, I exaggerate. I need to make a point.  I like minimalistic things. I’m not big on gaudy wallpapers or gaudy colors. I like things neat and functional. I have a new minimalistic desktop, what do you think?

Minimalistic wallpaper - Cloudeight InfoAve

I’m sure you’re anxious to minimalize your desktop too, and so without further delay or verbosity, I hereby present, The Honorable William T. Paget III, owner, manager, and CEO of — home of the minimalist wallpaper and so much more.

I made up his name. I don’t know what his or her real name is. I’m sorry.  

Take it away, Bill!

“Minimalism is a popular style of design because it keeps things simple and user-friendly, minimalism can also be applied to other aspects of business and life. The purpose of Minimalism is basically to allow the viewers or the audience to experience the artwork more intensely without all the distractions of the composition, the theme, the organization, and so on. Below are 160 minimalistic desktop wallpapers to download and perhaps even get a little inspiration to create your own!

Use them and let the simplicity take over your computer desktop…”

Minimalistic wallpaper - Cloudeight InfoAve

Minimalistic wallpaper - Cloudeight InfoAve

Now…the link you’ve been eagerly awaiting! You can get 190 minimalist desktop wallpaper here. Come on, simplify your life – start with your desktop!

Wait! Before you go! There are a lot more freebies to discover on this site besides decluttering, minimalistic wallpaper, I tells ya!  You can get free fonts, icons, templates, and a whole lot more by going to this section of the I Can Be Creative website.

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Cloudeight InfoAve Premium - Essays , Rants, etc.

It’s About Time

Well. here it is again… the weekend of the time change.

Just last year I learned that calling daylight saving time, “Daylight Savings Time”, with an s at the end, is horribly stupid, dumb, and incorrect. They say it makes me look like an idiot to everyone who knows better. Daylight Savings Time is correctly called daylight saving time. So, for decades, I guess I’ve been considered a stupid oaf for running around calling it daylight savings time.

You might say “Who cares?” Obviously, I do — since I wrote this.

And this year, stupid me, just learned something else! It’s not Daylight Saving Time, it’s daylight saving time – no uppercase letters. The Associated Press stylebook tells me so, I tells ya!

Who in the heck ever consults the Associated Press stylebook? You wouldn’t really do that, would you? It costs over $20 just to get the online edition. Now, I’m sure many of you reading this would be glad to send me a free online subscription to the AP stylebook thinking it would improve my writing, but you know better, don’t you?

Look here: “Daylight Savings Time is a misspelling, but more common than the correct term. Setting our clocks one hour forward in the spring is often referred to as “Daylight Savings Time” even though “Daylight Saving Time” is the correct spelling…

Please read the rest of this essay here. 

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Cloudeight InfoAve Premium - Back to Basics

What is an IP address?

Your IP address is like your phone number. It’s a unique number assigned to you when you’re connected to the Internet. Your IP address can be static – that is fixed and unchanging – or it can be dynamic – meaning it changes every time you connect to the internet or semi-static meaning it changes from time to time.

Your IP address is logged by every Web site you visit and can be used to identify you right down to your city and country — and with a court order your name and address and phone number.

However, unless there is some reason for the authorities to issue a court order to find out who you are, IP addresses simply remain on Web server logs along with the time and date when you accessed the site(s). Every web server captures your IP address – and no ad-blocker or do-not-track or other browser extension which claims to keep your browsing private actually does.

Additionally, your ISP logs everything you do and everywhere you go on the Internet. You can run, but you can't really hide.

Yes, can hide using a VPN, but someone is tracking your IP address- your VPN provider for one.

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Cloudeight InfoAve Weekly - Issue #909
Volume 18 Number 19
March 12, 2021 

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