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Issue #921
Volume 18 Number 31
June 4, 2021

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Cloudeight InfoAve

Mary is not getting all her email
My email system is messed up. I cannot get all emails. My Thunderbird keeps going in circles like it is searching for something. This has happened for a couple of days. I checked with my ISP provider which is Rogers. They had me change my password and then proceeded to try in Thunderbird but could not locate where to put the new password. I know I am not getting all emails, and while I was working with my ISP man a box popped up briefly of new emails (this is why i know I am not getting them all)

Our answer
Hi Mary. Roger uses Yahoo Mail. And Yahoo Mail now requires you to use different server settings and you may have to create an app password so you can use your email account in Thunderbird. Rogers should have notified you a long time ago about this change. This Rogers email help page shows you how to get an app password and shows you the new mail server settings. The instructions are pretty clear on that page. But should you need more help, and you have a Cloudeight Direct computer care key, you can schedule an appointment and we will help you with it.

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Carole wants to avoid typing in a password when she starts her computer
Thank you for your help about re-sizing photos. I have downloaded Irfanview and will be using it soon. I would like to know how to start my computer without having to log in all the time with my user name and password? Thank you. You are doing a great job and I often use your site to find out things I never knew how to do on my computer, and I have been using a computer since 1995...

Our answer
Hi Carol. Thanks so much for your nice comments and your support. We do not recommend bypassing the login screen - we recommend that you at least use a 4-digit PIN to sign-in even if you're the only one using your computer. See this page to learn on to use a PIN instead of a password to login.

If you don't want follow our advice, and don't want any log-in security, see this page.

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Raymond can't see pictures in some emails
Hi. I hope you are both safe and well. My question is sometimes I get a genuine email and it says pictures can't be displayed. I use Windows Mail. This seems to happen a lot and I have no idea how to correct it. Hope you can help. Best Wishes. Raymond.

Our answer
Hi Raymond. I assume by Windows Mail you mean the Windows 10 mail app. In the Windows 10 mail app, click the Settings icon (it's the icon that looks like a gear). When Settings opens, click on "Reading pane". In the "Reading pane" section, under "External content" check the box next to "Apply to all accounts" and turn on the two switches to "always download external images..."

Cloudeight InfoAve

We hope this helps you, Raymond.

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Jim wants to know more about our Cloudeight SeniorPass
Does the SeniorPass cover new computer check?

Our answer
Hi Jim. Yes, you can use a SeniorPass if you want us to check over a new computer to make sure it's set up for best performance and security. A SeniorPass includes up to 3 checkups/optimizations a year as well as unlimited repair sessions for one year. You can get more information about out SeniorPass here.

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Senior Pass + Hotline

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Our Cloudeight SeniorPass is a great deal. You get unlimited support for one full year from date you first use your SeniorPass. We can help keep your computer running well, fix all kinds of computer problems, clean up malware, and a whole lot more. Our SeniorPass is like insurance for your computer. And it's only $99 for an entire year.

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Helen says Windows 7 MS Solitaire stopped working after an upgrade
Hi. On my Windows 10 computer,  I upgraded from Windows 10 version 2004 to version 20H2 and now my MS Solitaire game is messed up. My cursor stops moving and cannot even stop the program and have to shut off PC at tower. Everything else seems okay.

Our answer
Hi Helen. It seems that you have Windows 7 games installed on Windows 10. Windows 7 games installed on Windows 10 usually stop working after a Windows 10 version update.

You can reinstall them - but in our experience every time you upgrade Windows 10, you're probably going to have to reinstall them. So we stopped recommending Windows 7 games on Windows 10.

But if you want to use them please see this page. The information on that page comes from WinAero, a respected site. The article states that the Windows 7 games now work well on all versions of Windows 10 - even the newest versions. The page also contains instructions on how to install the games. One of the games in the Windows 7 Games for Windows 10 is MS Solitaire.

We hope this helps you, Helen.

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Frederick's wife suddenly got Norton on her computer
My wife somehow got Norton on her computer. It seems to be only active in Chrome. It does not pop-up in Edge. If I back up her contacts, remove Chrome entirely, re-install it, would this remove this pest?

Our answer
Hi Frederick. It sounds like a bad extension or something in Chrome's cache and seems limited to Chrome. If this is case, you don't need to uninstall Chrome; just reset it .

To Reset Chrome and clear its history while preserving your bookmarks, see this page.

I hope this helps you and saves you some time and trouble.

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Marilyn's computer shuts down by itself several times a day
Hi TC & Darcy. I have Windows 10 version 2004 an my antivirus is Emsisoft. I'm completely fed up with my computer shutting down and rebooting several times in a 24-hour period. My email program is OE pro & doesn't automatically save emails in drafts, so if I forget as I did tonight to press "save" I lose whatever I've typed. A very important but lengthy email was lost just before I was about to sign off. I now have to start again. It can happen as I hit a key or click a button or when not in use at all... It never happens on the laptop... only the main desktop.

How can I stop this from happening? There is no warning of any description. It simply shuts down & reboots. I have at times lost other work due to this as the "save" of a document isn't instantaneous.

This has been happening for several months, but I've put up with it. Any information would be greatly appreciated. All the best to you both. Dellen (Marilyn).

Our answer
Hi Marilyn. As for your computer shutting down several times a day without warning - this is a sign that it's overheating. The two main causes of overheating are dust/lint blocking the vents in your computer and/or a fan or fans inside your computer's case has failed. Another cause is (if using a desktop), placing the tower under a desk pushed back against the wall so that's not getting enough air. Make sure your computer's vents are clean and free of dust and lint. If a fan or fans have stopped working, they'll need to be replaced. Also, make sure the tower is not pushed back against a wall and make sure it's not under a desk, or worse, inside a cabinet. Computers run hot and they need a lot of ventilation. A computer will shut down automatically if it overheats to protect the processor.

Anything you're working on - email included - will be lost if not saved before the computer shuts down. But for email in general, it sounds like you have your mail set up as POP3 instead of IMAP. POP3 protocol downloads and removes mail from the mail server. If you lose it, it's gone. IMAP protocol email is synchronized with mail on the mail server. If you lose it or get a new computer or check your mail from another device - it's still on the mail server and you can still retrieve it.

We hope this helps you, Marilyn.

(For those reading this who are using a laptop and who have similar problems, see our article here.)

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Jill once used AM Deadlink to clean out dead bookmarks...
Some years ago I used AM Deadlink on your recommendation to find and delete dead bookmarks. My bookmarks are now getting out of control, and I would like to purge dead ones again. Do you still recommend AM Deadlink or some other app? Thanks, Jill.

Our answer
Hi Jill. AM Deadlink is available for Windows 10 While we have not tested any of the newer versions, it still appears to be free of malware and bundles and is still free to download to use. You can read more about AM Deadlink and/or download it for Windows 10 here.

We hope this helps you, Jill.

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Cloudeight InfoAve Premium -Tips & Tricks

How to Turn System Icons On or Off 
Windows 10 (all supported version)

Did you know you can turn system icons on or off in the Windows 10 notification area and customize it just the way you want? Did you know you can even turn off — hide — the clock?

Let’s look at the options. First type system icons in taskbar search and press Enter or click on “Turn system icons on or off” in the search results.

Turn System Icons On or Off- Cloudeight InfoAve

Below you can see the complete list of system icons. Any item you see in those lists you can turn on or off. 

If you’re missing the Volume icon, turn it on here. If you’re missing the Network icon, turn it on. Do you see ENG in the notification area? Do you want to hide it? Just turn off the “Input Indicator” switch.

Turn System Icons On or Off - Cloudeight InfoAve Windows 10 tips

If you never use the Action Center icon, you can turn it off and save taskbar real estate.

Turn System Icons On or Off - Cloudeight InfoAve Windows 10 tips

You can turn any system icon on or off to suit the way you use your computer.  If you’re a minimalist, you can turn them all off. Or if you like everything at your fingertips, turn them all on. But our advice is to experiment with the system icons and find the best combination for you. It is your computer after all.

A bonus tip...

The Windows 10 Notification Area - Cloudeight InfoAve

Look at the screenshot of the notification area above. Do you see the little red arrow and the thin vertical strip it’s pointing to? Do you know what happens when you click on that little strip? It minimizes all open windows and takes you directly to your desktop.

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Using the Cloud Reset Option in Windows 10
Windows 10 (All supported versions)

In older versions of Windows 10, when users chose the "Reset this PC" option, Windows 10 reinstalled Windows from files already stored on the local computer.

Starting with Windows 10 version 1909 (November 2019 Update), Microsoft added a Cloud Recovery option to Windows 10. The Cloud reset option gives Windows 10 users who are trying to recover a badly corrupted installation of Windows a better option. Using the Cloud reset option users can download a pristine copy of Windows 10 from Microsoft without using any Windows files stored on the local PC.

Here's how to Cloud Reset your Windows 10 PC and keep your files.

1.) Type RESET in the taskbar search

Cloudeight InfoAve Windows 10 Tips
Click on "Reset this PC" when it appears in the search results.

In the Recovery dialog, click Get Started under "Reset this PC".

Cloudeight InfoAve Windows 10 Tips

When you click "Get Started" a window will open showing you two options:

"Keep my files" and "Remove everything".

Cloudeight InfoAve Windows 10 Tips

If you want to keep your files and reinstall a fresh copy of Windows, make sure you select "Keep my files".

When you click on "Keep my files" you'll see the following dialog:

Cloudeight InfoAve Windows 10 Tips

On the next screen, Windows will give you two options - "Cloud Reinstall" and "Local Reinstall". If you choose the first option, Windows will reinstall a pristine copy of the same version of Windows that is installed on your PC by downloading the files directly from Microsoft. If you choose the second option, Windows will be reinstalled with files on your computer.

Cloudeight InfoAve Windows 10 Tips

Cloudeight InfoAve Windows 10 Tips

Cloudeight InfoAve Windows 10 Tips

Click "Reset" and the reset will begin.  Keep in mind that the "Cloud Recovery" reset will take longer than a local reinstall depending on your Internet connection speed. A Cloud reset could take anywhere from 45 minutes to several hours. The Cloud reset option is the best choice if your Windows installation is badly corrupted.

Cloudeight InfoAve Premium

Escape from Windows 10 “S” Mode
Windows 10 Users Stuck in S Mode 

We have recently noticed that more Windows users with new computers are stuck in Windows 10 Home “S” mode. Why Microsoft even offers S mode is a good question. As you may not know, Windows 10 S mode users are limited to using apps and programs from the Microsoft Store only. That means you can’t install Google Chrome, Emsisoft Antimalware, Mozilla Firefox, OE Classic Email, Thunderbird Email, etc. If it doesn’t come from the Microsoft Store – you can’t install it on a Windows 10 S mode computer.

This is what Microsoft says about S mode…

"Windows 10 in S mode is designed for security and performance, exclusively running apps from the Microsoft Store. If you want to install an app that isn’t available in the Microsoft Store, you’ll need to switch out of S mode. Switching out of S mode is one-way. If you make the switch, you won’t be able to go back to Windows 10 in S mode. There’s no charge to switch out of S mode."

How to get out of S mode.

Almost everyone who has a Windows 10 computer stuck in S mode is, at some point in time, going to want to break the surly bonds of Microsoft and install the programs they love and want to use.

If you’ve been trying to install programs on your Windows 10 computer and find that you’re unable to install them, check to see if you’re stuck in S mode.

1.) Type ACTIVATION in the taskbar search

2.) When you see “Activation settings” appear in the search results, press Enter.

3.) Under “Activation” next to “Edition” if you see “Windows 10 Home in S mode” then you’ll immediately have the answer as to why you cannot install programs other than the apps and programs in the Microsoft Store.

Escape from Windows 10 S-Mode - Cloudeight tips

To escape from Windows 10 Home in S mode and switch to Windows 10 Home version with no extra charge follow the instructions below.

Open the Activation window (as above) and under “Switch to Windows 10 Home” under “Go the Store and switch to Windows 10 Home” click the blue Go to the Store link.

On the Switch out of S mode (or similar) page that appears in the Microsoft Store, select the Get button. After you see a confirmation message on the page, you’ll be using Windows 10 Home (not in S mode) and you’ll be able to install apps from outside of the Microsoft Store.

A word of warning… be sure you click the “Go to the Store” link under “Switch to Windows 10 Home” and not under “Upgrade your edition of Windows”. If you click “Go to the store” under “Upgrade your edition of Windows” you’ll be buying Windows 10 Pro which will cost you $99. So, beware.

Escape from Windows 10 S-Mode - Cloudeight tips

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Cloudeight InfoAve Premium -Tips & Tricks

 25 Creepy Photos That Will Give You the Chills

In this departure from our usual Cloudeight Site Pick, this one highlights an interesting “Reader’s Digest” article that features 25 creepy photos all with chilling descriptions.

We’re going to take you on a journey. It’s fun, it’s interesting, and it’s a Cloudeight Site Pick. To get you started, we’re going to whet your appetite a little bit…

25 Creepy Photos That Will Give You the Chills - Cloudeight Site Pick

If a picture is, indeed, worth 1,000 words, then here are at least 25,000 of the most creepy and chilling words you’ll ever experience.

Country home

A quiet country home?

What looks like a lovely country home in upstate New York is actually one of 42 buildings that made up the Trudeau Sanitorium for people with tuberculosis (before the advent of current antibiotic treatment). Located in the Adirondack Mountains, this was America’s first such sanitorium. If you look carefully at the photo taken in 1948, you can see a white-clad nurse ascending the front steps to care for her patients.

Murder victim model

Creating a model of a murder victim

Between 1972 and 1978, John Wayne Gacy, Jr. murdered at least 33 men in Cook County, Illinois. In 1980, forensic artists were recruited to reconstruct the facial features of nine unidentified victims so that photos could be released by the media in an attempt to identify them. Gacy was known as the “Killer Clown.”

creepy clown

Creepy clown

This 1928 image of Lon Chaney as a super-creepy clown (a still from the silent film, Laugh, Clown, Laugh), may be another reason people are afraid of clowns. If you find these photos creepy, you’ll be super creeped out by these chilling stories that’ll make you believe in ghosts.

ghostly figures

Ghostly figures

The ghostly figures shown in this mural in the Karl-Lehr-Strasse tunnel in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, depict the 21 young people who died in a stampeded in 2010 at Loveparade, a German dance music festival. Five hundred others were injured in the devastating tragedy. If these creepy photos aren’t creepy enough for you, don’t miss these 10 true ghost stories that haunt people all over the world.

Highgate cemetery

Death’s relentless pursuit

Death is one of life’s realities, and yet the notion of death remains mysterious, if not terrifying. One reason may be the way that burial grounds tend to become crowded, a constant reminder that death is always in pursuit. Such is the case with this eastern portion of North London’s Highgate Cemetery, resting place to close to 200,000 people since 1839, where the gravestones appear to be collapsing in on themselves. Find out the oldest cemetery in every state.

And those are just 5 of the 25 creepy photos and descriptions included in the article that serves as this Cloudeight site pick. You do want to see the rest of the creepy photos, right? Sure, you do! You can see all “25 Creepy Photos That Will Give You the Chills" here.

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Cloudeight InfoAve Premium - Essays , Rants, etc.

Molly and The Bubble

A glooming peace this morning with it brings,
The sun, for sorrow, will not show his head…”

Those lines from Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” are going through my head this morning. Honestly, I expected it, but I was still not prepared for it. My days will be emptier, and my life will be lonelier; there will be a deep sadness inside me for quite a while. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it.

Where to begin? That’s the question. It doesn’t seem there was a beginning. It was one of those things that slowly grow invisibly and in silence so that when you finally realize it surrounds you, engulfs you, and becomes part of your life, you don’t know how it happened.

It was seven years ago this month that Corletta moved into the house next door. It if hadn’t been for the ruckus of the moving van and the guys hauling the furniture into the house, I may not have noticed that the old empty house next door was gaining a new occupant.

And I was gaining a new friend.

The Cape Cod next door had seen its better days. The dormers jutted out of the top story like sad eyes...

Please read the rest of this essay here.

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Cloudeight InfoAve Premium - Back to Basics

What is a progressive web app (PWA)?

Well, hmm... according to Wikipedia a progressive web app...

"... is a type of application software delivered through the web, built using common web technologies including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It is intended to work on any platform that uses a standards-compliant browser. Functionality includes working offline, push notifications, and device hardware access, enabling creating user experiences similar to native applications on desktop and mobile devices. Since a progressive web app is a type of webpage or website known as a web application, there is no requirement for developers or users to install the web apps via digital distribution systems like Apple App Store or Google Play.

"While web applications have been available for mobile devices from the start, they have generally been slower, have had fewer features, and been less used than native apps. But with the ability to work offline, previously only available to native apps, PWAs running on mobile devices can perform much faster and provide more features, closing the gap with native apps, in addition to being portable across both desktop and mobile platforms..." (Source: Wikipedia.)

According to your old pals EB & TC, a progressive web app is a program that runs in your browser. Examples of progressive web apps are Google Drive and There are many others. And now PWAs are making their way to the Windows desktop where they work more like regular Windows app than PWAs. 

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OE Classic & Cloudeight
Our newest Cloudeight Endorsed Email Program - Very Similar to Windows Mail & Outlook Express. Stationery works great!

Read more about OE Classic here!

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Cloudeight InfoAve Weekly - Issue #921
Volume 18 Number 31
June 4, 2021 

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