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Issue #932
Volume 18 Number 42
August 20, 2021

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Cloudeight InfoAve

Judy wants to know if using an iPad will affect her home Wi-Fi network
I don't remember seeing any questions in your daily or weekly newsletters about what I am about to ask. Our phones are android, PC and laptop are Windows 10. I am considering purchasing an iPad bundle on QVC - 128 GB GEN 8 Wi-Fi. We have never used any Apple product before. Would the iPad cause any internet problems with our other products? Don't laugh, I am an old lady. Thank you, Judy.

Our answer
Hi Judy. Using other devices, regardless of whether they're Android, Apple, or Windows will not affect your Wi-Fi network other than the more devices you have connected and using the connection the slower the connection may be unless you have plenty of bandwidth. But most service providers these days give you plenty of bandwidth to support a substantial number of connected devices, so it's very unlikely with just a few devices connected you would notice any difference.

So, to directly answer your question - using an iPad would not affect your other devices or your home Wi-Fi network.

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Norma wants to know how to check programs that start with Windows
Hello. I cannot remember how to find the items that open when I start my computer. My computer is slow to get started and I want to check and see what is in the startup menu. If you can help that would be so nice. Thank you most sincerely, Norma.

Our answer
Hi Norma. Open the Task Manager. Here are 3 ways to do that...

1. Right-click on the taskbar and click Task Manager.

2. Right-click on the Start button and click Task Manager.

3. Use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + SHIFT+ ESC.

When Task Manager opens, click the 'Startup' tab at the top. Right-click on the item (program/app) you want to stop from starting with Windows and choose "Disable" from the menu which appears or click the Disable button at the bottom. See the screenshot below.

Cloudeight InfoAve

Stopping a program from starting with Windows does not uninstall the program. Be sure you don't disable your antivirus startup - or your backup program - if you use one.

We hope this helps you, Norma.

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Joyce wants an ad blocker for Chrome
I have Chrome and would like to know how and what to use as an AD Blocker. I am not familiar with any or how they work could you help me with some information about how to get it, set it up, and how it works. Thanks. Joyce.

Our answer
Hi Joyce. There is nothing to using an adblocker other than installing it. If you install a good one, it will automatically block ads.

We recommend Privacy Badger or uBlock Origin. You can install them both if you like.

You can get Privacy Badger for Chrome here.

You can get uBlock Origin for Chrome here.

Both are free and you don't have to do anything other than add them to Chrome. Once they are added to Chrome they will immediately start blocking ads.

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Margo's Lock screen is showing Bing on it
I changed to Windows Edge a few months ago and I have found my laptop, which is an HP, no longer works like it used to. For instance, I have a screen from Bing on there as a background to my 4-digit code number. I don't want this on there and after I put in the code, another screen comes up with information about Bing's screen. Another instance is every time I type something in I get three or 4 little popups that tell me various words I can use instead of the one I am trying to put in. Can you help me get rid of the Bing screen and the not so helpful words?

I wish I could enclose pictures of my problems because I don't think I described them very well. Anyway, if anyone can help me, I know you can!

Our answer
Hi Margo. I'm confused by your question so I'm going to take my best guess at what you're asking.

Your lock screen or log-on screen has nothing to do with Edge. If you don't want Bing pictures on your lock screen you can choose one from your computer. The little words you are talking about I can only guess are the descriptive words Microsoft puts on the Lockscreen picture. But none of this has anything to do with Edge.

You can change the background picture on the lock screen by doing this:

1. Type LOCK SCREEN in the taskbar search

2. Press Enter when you see Lock screen settings appear

3. In the Lock screen dialog, under background use the down arrow to select "Picture" and then choose a picture from your computer or one of the options you'll see. If this is set to "Spotlight" you'll continue to get images from Bing. If you don't want this, then change it to Picture.

Cloudeight InfoAve

We hope this helps you, Margo.
Margo wrote back: "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I knew I could count on you to help. I realize I didn't explain my problems very well but sometimes the words won't come to mind as easily as they did years ago.

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Don says Bitwarden is lacking and is looking for a new password manager
Do you have another suggestion for a password manager? Bit Warden won't let me change a password and it won't let me add a second account with the same URL. LastPass is missed.

Our answer
Hi Don. You don't need another password manager, Bitwarden does what you want it to do.

First for example... I have 4 Gmail accounts and all have different passwords, but the login is still the same Gmail page. If you have 2 user accounts, usernames, and 2 different passwords, then the only reason you're not able to add a second account is that you're being automatically logged into one account.

Try this. If you're using Chrome or Edge, go to Extensions and enable Bitwarden in "Incognito" mode or "private" mode respectively. Once you do that, and while still in private mode or incognito mode, go to the site where you want to log in... right-click on the page, you'll see "Bitwarden" and when you click on it you'll see "Autofill" - choose that and if you have two accounts set up in Bitwarden, you'll see the option to log in to either one. If you have not added the second account, you'll be able to add it now. If you use Firefox, let me know.

Here are my 4 Bitwarden logins for the same URL ( - the one grayed out is my personal Gmail.

Cloudeight InfoAve

You can also change any of your account passwords in Bitwarden. Here's an account that requires me to have several logins for testing (one of our sites). And also notice that I have 9 logins for the same URL **web address** stored in Bitwarden.

To change an account password in Bitwarden do this...

Go to the account that you want to change the password for.

Click on the "View" icon (see screenshot).

Cloudeight InfoAve

You'll see "Edit" appear at the top right. (see screenshot). Click on it.

Cloudeight InfoAve

The "Edit item" dialog will open. Click on the "Visibility" icon (see screenshot).

Cloudeight InfoAve

Your password will become visible and editable. Change the password to whatever you want, and then click "Save" at the top to save your new password for that account.

Cloudeight InfoAve

We hope this helps you, Don.

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Pat has problems with PDF files on her new computer
I have a new computer. Now I just went to a download, which is a pdf, and when I click on the download it says it can't convert this because the converter is not available. What do I do?

Our answer
Hi Pat. It sounds to me like you installed a PDF extension and now it's messing up your browser. MS EDGE and Google Chrome open PDFs automatically. Once they open you can save the PDF documents to your computer or print them.

Try resetting your browser. Here's our tutorial showing you how to reset the most popular browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox).

Once you reset your browser your extensions should be disabled. And you should be able to click on a link to a PDF file and it should open in your browser, with the option to save it to your PC.

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Sharon asks about VPNs
I've been reading about VPNs. I just use my PC for web surfing and some games. Also, I love your website and all the info you put on it. I use your start page to Do I need a VPN? I can get it thru Nord security for $3.30 a month for two years. Thanks as always for your very valuable input. Sharon.

Our answer
Hi Sharon. Thank you! Unless you have some reason for hiding your IP address (for instance your work requires it), or you use public Wi-Fi services often and you need to make confidential transactions using public Wi-Fi, there is no reason you to worry about VPNs. Contrary to all the hype and advertising, VPNs do not protect you from identity theft, malware, ransomware, viruses, Trojans, etc.

To learn more about VPNs and your privacy, please see our article here.

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Margaret can't get her photos from her digital camera to her computer
I have an HP Photosmart M417 digital camera, but the software does not work on Windows 10. I would hate to discard the camera as it is the only means I have of taking pictures. Is there by any chance a software update that I could install into the computer for the camera to work? I appreciate your help.

Our answer
Hi Margaret. What are you wanting to use the software for? To copy pictures from your camera to your computer does not require any software. You can use a USB cable to transfer pictures from a camera to the computer - or if your computer has an SD or a mini-SD slot - you can take the card out of the camera and plug it into the appropriate slot on your PC and transfer pictures to your computer that way.

Is there something else you were wanting to use the camera software for other than transferring pictures from the camera to your computer? Please let me know.

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Karl wants to know about Everything search
Just read your comment on turning off Windows Search. This got me wondering about "Everything Search"? I have been using it for several years and love it. Will using "Everything" also slow down my Computer? Thanks again for all you do. Karl.

Our answer
Hi Karl. Everything Search is one of our recommended programs. Everything Search does not use as much in the way of resources as Windows search because it's not continually scanning in the background like Windows search indexing does. But I cannot tell you what impact "Search Anything" has on your computer's resources since every computer is different. I'm fairly sure that it is not using nearly as much in the way of resources as Windows search.

You can tell what effect programs have on your resources by opening Task Manager and looking at "Processes". Look under CPU, Memory(RAM), and Disk. You can order the columns from processes using the least resources to processes using the most resources (at the top) to processes using the least (at the bottom), by clicking on the column header (CPU, Memory, Disk).

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Cloudeight InfoAve Premium -Tips & Tricks

Ten Email Etiquette Tips
Everyone who uses email

There's not much etiquette left in our world today we're sorry to say. But here are some tips for email etiquette we hope you'll follow.

1. Never type in all caps. Typing in all caps is considered yelling. Besides being considered screaming or yelling, studies show that email typed in all caps takes longer to read (really!)

2. Sending the same email to a group of people is seldom necessary. However, if you do find it necessary to send an email to a group of people be courteous. Put all email addresses of the recipients in the BCC field. (BCC means – Blind Carbon Copy – this stems from the old days when carbon paper was used in typewriters to create identical copies of a typed document when it was being typed.)

3. Don’t put things like “HELP!!!!” or “READ THIS!!!!” in the subject line. You may not get the response you were expecting – or any response at all. Using subject lines like these is considered childish and rude.

4. Wait – don’t send that reply. If someone sends you a rude, nasty, or vitriolic email never reply to it right away. Take a deep breath and think about your reply or whether you’d be better off deleting it. Some people get angry and send emails they wish they could take back. You may find if you wait you’ll get an apology.

5. Don’t use “Reply to all” unless you really want to reply to all. More often than not, you should use the “Reply” button – not “Reply to all”.

6. Do not use Return Receipt Requested for every email you send just because you enjoy knowing when your email has been read. Sending every email Return Receipt Requested is annoying and intrusive. It would be like sending birthday cards or personal letters to your friend's snail mail by certified Letter – Return Receipt Requested. Use Return Receipt Requested sparingly, if at all.

7. Use your name in the Reply to field. Don’t use things like “I love cockatiels” or “American Idol fan” as your reply to name. Cockatiels or American Idol may be cool to you, but maybe not so much to those you send emails to. And, don’t forget, you might also be using your email program to reply to companies you do business with. It doesn’t make you look very serious if companies get an email from “I Love Cockatiels”.

8. Do not forward virus warnings, spyware warnings, or rumors that you receive from others. These kinds of emails almost are almost always hoaxes. You can be even more sure that it’s a hoax if the email tells you to forward it to everyone you know. Don’t spread these kinds of emails. If you’re not sure if the information is a hoax or not use a site like to verify the information in the email – or find out for sure if it’s a hoax. Your best bet when you receive these kinds of emails is to delete them – please don’t forward them to others.

9. Always use a descriptive subject line. Always start your email with a greeting, like “Hi”, “Hello”, “Good Morning”, “Dear _____”, etc. and end it with a salutation such as “Best regards,” Your friend,” “Sincerely, ” “Thanks,” etc. You get the idea. Some people treat email as if it were instant messaging or cell texting. It’s not. Think of email as writing a letter or note to a friend using pen and paper.

10. Don’t say things in emails that you wouldn’t say to someone in person. Many people say things in email that can be hurtful. And remember – sometimes the written word can be taken the wrong way and not the way you meant it. A good way to make sure you are saying what you mean to say is to read your email out loud. If it sounds harsh when you read it out loud then you know that there’s a good chance your recipient may take your words the wrong way. 

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Why and How to Use Guest Mode and Incognito Mode in Google Chrome
Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 (all versions) with Google Chrome installed

Both Guest mode and Incognito mode are temporary browsing modes you can use in Google Chrome. Guest mode was originally found only in Chrome in the Chrome OS (operating system), but Guest mode is now available in Chrome for Windows.  Guest Mode and incognito mode are similar, but there are basic differences between them.

Guest mode

Guest mode provides a completely blank profile for someone who is using Chrome temporarily. Like Incognito mode, it doesn’t save any record of the browsing history and doesn’t use extensions. However, in Guest Mode, the user can’t change any Chrome settings aside from the search engine. A guest user also can’t see the browsing history of the main user. When you exit Guest mode, your browsing activity is deleted from the computer.

According to Google:

“Guest mode is ideal for:

Letting others borrow your computer or borrowing someone else’s computer.

Using a public computer, like one at a library or cafe.”

You can open Guest mode in Chrome by clicking on the user’s icon on the right side of the toolbar and clicking on “Guest”.

Cloudeight InfoAve ips and tricks: Chrome browser

Incognito mode

Cloudeight InfoAve Chrome tips and tricks

You can open a new incognito window in Chrome by clicking on the 3-vertical dots icon (settings) and clicking “New incognito window” or using the shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+N. You can open an incognito window by right-clicking on your Chrome shortcut on your desktop or taskbar and choosing “New incognito window” from the menu.

When using incognito mode you have full access to Chrome bookmarks, existing history, passwords, Autofill data, and other Chrome settings, but you won’t leave any browsing history or cookies on your computer during the incognito session. You can also allow certain extensions in incognito mode.

A word of warning

Many people mistakenly think that incognito mode makes them invisible on the web and/or prevents them from being tracked or identified, but it does not. Your ISP, Web advertisers, and the Web sites you visit can still see and log (record) your IP address and your browsing activity.

Why Use Guest Mode and/or Incognito Mode?

While it does not make you invisible on the Web, it does allow you to browse without saving any browsing history or cookies on your computer. And while it does not make you invisible on the web, incognito mode has plenty of uses.

For instance, if you have more than one Gmail account, you can use incognito mode to log into your other Gmail account without signing out of (or joining) your other Gmail account.

If you have more than one Facebook account – for example, one for your business and one for personal use, with the incognito mode you can sign into the second Facebook account without signing out of the other Facebook account.

You can check for price discrimination using incognito mode. Some websites show different prices to different people based on their browsing and search history.  Examples of this kind of price discrimination include airline ticket websites and Amazon. Amazon and several airline/travel sites have been found guilty of price discrimination.

Price discrimination is accomplished by the site saving a cookie in the user’s browser that may have a higher price for an airline ticket or an Amazon item. This price is based on the user’s history of pages they’ve visited while they previously shopped for the best price on an item and stored in their search history.

Using incognito mode lets you check airfares or price items without any discrimination, because in incognito mode there aren’t any cookies, history, and therefore no prior bias.

Incognito mode lets you compare prices between the ones you’ve already gotten and the prices a person searching for or an item for the first time would see. In other words, you’ll find out if there is a lower price than the one you’ve been quoted. By using incognito mode, you can check for the lowest price with no discrimination based on your browsing and search history.

Guest mode is great if you’re using someone else’s computer, you’re using a public computer, or you want to let someone else use your computer. But if you want to browse privately on your own computer, use Incognito mode. You’ll see your info and settings without saving any cookies or browsing history.

Neither incognito mode nor Guest mode makes you invisible on the web. Your ISP, the Websites you visit, advertisers on the web, and/or your employer can still see all your browsing activity.

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How to Share Pages with QR Codes
Windows 8.1 & Windows 10 (all versions) using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge

QR Code -

QR Codes have been around a long time, but unless you have a smartphone you’ve noticed them but have never used them. But if you do have a smartphone, then you know you can point your camera at a QR code and scan it to get more information about a product or service.

How many of you noticed the QR Code generator in Chrome and Microsoft Edge? Visit any site, click in the address bar, and you’ll see the QR code generator icon.

Chromes QR Generator - Cloudeight InfoAve

You can create a QR code for any site and download it to your computer as a png image file. You can share QR images with a friend instead of sending a link. Or send them to your smartphone. Then scan the QR code with your smartphone’s camera to open the link.

QR Code for the Cloudeight Start Page
Above: The QR code for our Stat page.

QR Code for Cloudeight InfoAve
Above:  The QR code for our InfoAve website.

So, now you know how to create a QR code for any website and share the QR code image instead of a link.

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Cloudeight InfoAve Premium -Tips & Tricks

You’re Getting Old!

"Do you think time is catching up with you? Perhaps it’s already overtaken you and left you in the dust. Do the years seem to be going ridiculously quickly now? There’s a reason for it. You’re getting old."

No one over 40 likes to be reminded that they’re getting old. For instance, let’s use EB as an example of youth gone wrong. I happen to know, for example, that’s she’s taken (as of this second) she has sucked in 500+ million breaths of air, her cold heart has beaten over 2 billion times, she’s seen the moon circle the Earth more than 800 times. In short, she’s old. 

My dear departed dad would always respond to the question, “How are you doing” by saying “I’m still breathing; it beats the alternative.” He was old when he said that. As old as EB is now. She’s still taking in air, and it beats the alternative, but she’s still OLD.

She’s so old, in fact, that:

April 26th, 1986: A catastrophic nuclear accident occurs at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine.  Over half her life ago!

  • She was 14 when Bobby Fischer defeated Boris Spassky in a chess match in Reykjavík, Iceland
  • She was 16 when the war in Vietnam ended.
  • She was 20 when then-president Jimmy Carter was attacked by a swamp rabbit while fishing in his hometown of Plains, Georgia. I mention this because EB is a Southern girl.

You’re probably thinking I spent a great deal of time looking up all this stuff about EB (and yes, all of it is true). But it only took me a few seconds to dig into her ancient past and dredge up all these goodies.

By now you’re probably puffing out your cheeks, getting ready to explode into a frenzy of expletives, and close your browser or email program in disgust because you think I’m ranting and raving just to tell you how really OLD EB is — but of course, you’d be wrong, because, like most of the time, I have a point, but love to build up the suspenders before I get to it. I like the hissing sound you make while you read this wondering if I have a point, and if I do, am I ever going to get to it.


Yes, my friend, I am. And the point is that there is an interesting website where you can type in your date of birth and get a full list of interesting facts about your age– and more importantly – remind you just how old you really are. You can also do this for (to) a friend.

While it may make you wince to see how many days old you are, or how many breaths you’ve taken, how many miles you’ve traveled, some of the history-making things that have happened during your lifetime, and much more, you can also run a report on your friends, especially those who are older than you — if there are any 🙂 — and send them a link to their “age report” just to remind them how old they are.

The site is called You’re Getting Old and you can learn some interesting facts and be reminded repeatedly of just how old you really are. So, muster up some courage and come along with me and let’s make sure you know that YOU’RE GETTING OLD!

And if you feel really depressed after visiting this site, just remember your OLD friends EB and TC. 

I’m even older than EB!
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Cloudeight InfoAve Premium - Essays , Rants, etc.


“You think that I don’t even mean
A single word I say…
It’s only words and words are all I have
To take your heart away…” (Bee Gees)

Last night I heard an old song by the Bee Gees called “Words”. I’ve always liked that song and I had not heard it in a long time. Hearing it again after all these years made me think about how powerful words can be. In our increasingly divided world, it seems so many people intentionally hurt others with hateful words. I’m sure they don’t know – or maybe they do? – just how much power words have.

Words are powerful. Words are more powerful than guns…. more powerful than missiles… more powerful than anything. I don’t doubt that. words are the most powerful things in the universe next to the primordial powers that keep the planets spinning around their suns, the galaxies whirling gracefully around some mysterious universal pole, and not least, us from flying off into space. But of things human, words are, without doubt, the most powerful things we will ever know.

Words can hurt. Words can heal....

Please read the rest of this essay here.

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Cloudeight InfoAve Premium - Back to Basics

What is UEFI?

UEFI is a modern update to one of the oldest things in our PCs - the BIOS. UEFI stands for Unified Extensible Firmware Interface, which probably means nothing much to you. It means nothing much to us either, except it's pretty

The BIOS is just a bridge between your computer’s hardware and software. The BIOS has settings you can change, if you're brave and know what you're doing. But the interface is rather 1980-ish and scary if you've never seen it before. On most computers you can access the BIOS by pressing F2 during the boot process - before Windows boots. Your computer may have a different way to access the BIOS.

Almost all of us have had to fool around with the BIOS at one time or another to change some basic aspect of our computer like, for instance, setting a boot order. Besides the "What are you doing here in the BIOS, you're not a geek" interface, BIOS has a lot of limitations

Here are some of them.

Limitations of BIOS:

-- It uses a 16-bit Mode - you can tell by how it looks

-- It just has just 1MB usable memory. You can't add a lot of features when you only have 1 MB of memory. This has not changed at all since1995.

--It cannot fully use all the features of a 64-bit Operating System

-- It does not support hard drives larger than 2TB.

Advantages of UEFI:

-- Support for IPv6 – which probably means nothing for a home user, but for big corporate networks, this is important.

-- Can use all the features of 64-bit Operating Systems and USB Drives (especially USB boot drives)

-- Has a modern graphical interface that even the newest user can understand without much difficulty.

-- Built-in native protection against Rootkit infections (which are well-known for their ability to "run" before your operating system starts).

-- Has no 1MB limit like BIOS – this allows a lot more features to be built-in. We're probably going to see new features added as we go forward

-- Supports hard drives that are larger than 2TB

-- Faster Boot-up and Hibernate

Wikipedia says that UEFI can be used on top of or instead of BIOS in your PC. A lot of computers are shipped with a BIOS where there is an option to enable UEFI boot.

Most new PCs come with UEFI compatibility.

Want to find out if your computer uses UEFI?

Press and hold the Windows Key and tap the R key. In the Run command, type MSINFO32 and press Enter to open System Information.

If your PC uses BIOS, it will display Legacy. If it is using UEFI, it will display UEFI.


Cloudeight InfoAve

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OE Classic & Cloudeight
Our newest Cloudeight Endorsed Email Program - Very Similar to Windows Mail & Outlook Express. Stationery works great!

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Cloudeight InfoAve Weekly - Issue #932
Volume 18 Number 42
August 20, 2021 

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