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Welcome to Cloudeight Stationery for Thunderbird!

Thunderbird is a great alternative to other email programs. One of the things we like best about Thunderbird is that it is similar to the email programs you're probably most family with such as Windows Mail, Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail.

You can download Thunderbird from here - or, make it easy on yourself and let us install and setup Thunderbird for you. We'll install Thunderbird, add up to 3 mail accounts for you, import your address book (when possible) and install and configure the stationery add-on for you - and you'll be able to use Cloudeight Stationery for Thunderbird right away! Get more information about our Cloudeight Thunderbird Email Setup Service here.

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Note: Newer updates to Thunderbird may not have a stationery plug in available - we tested on a beta version coming out, and it was not working, so we cannot give any guarantees on continued development. Thunderbird continues to be an excellent choice for email program though!

Cloudeight Stationery Everyday Collections for Thunderbird

Cloudeight Stationery for Thunderbird
Celebrate! July 4th
Fun with Cloudie NEW! Memories -
The Art of Bob Byerley
Spinner of Dreams:
The art of Denton Lund
Unicorns Flights of Fancy
Ivy Lane:
The art of William Whitaker
Wildlife by Penny Parker Just Textures
Just Plaids Spring Fling The World of James Browne

Cloudeight Stationery Holiday Collections for Thunderbird

Cloudeight Stationery for Thunderbird
Halloween Vintage Thanksgiving  
Christmas Wishes Christmastime Christmas Magic
Love Always
Valentine's Stationery
Valentine's Love Hearts & Stuff
Valentine's Stationery
St. Patrick's Day Easter Stationery Spring Fling

If you need help using Thunderbird or using stationery in Thunderbird please visit this page. If you'd like us to install and configure Thunderbird for you and set it up correctly for using stationery, please click here.

Artwork featured in our Cloudeight Stationery for Thunderbird, is always used with permission of the artists featured.

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