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We hope you will enjoy our special WonderScreens Created just for the Holiday Season! You can preview and/or download any of the WonderScreens right from this page by clicking on the appropriate links on the left. Please take a few minutes to review the information on our help page. This will answer most of your questions about the Active Screen Desktop Images including very easy to use instructions for use. When you click on the "Preview" link a new full size window will open displaying the Active Screen. Simply close the preview window by clicking on the "X" in the top right corner to come right back to this page. Please note that some of these preview pages are rather large and will take up to 90 seconds to load depending on your connection. They will, of course, load instantly when you use them for "WonderScreens" on your desktop. Please visit our help page before downloading for system requirements, recommendations, and instructions on how to use our "WonderScreens".

Happy Holidays everyone!

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The Holiday WonderScreens

Active Winter Village

Preview       Download

Active Winter Bridge

Preview         Download

Active Christmas Home

Preview       Download

Active Christmas Lights

Preview       Download

Active Holidays

Preview        Download

Active Madonna and Child

Preview        Download

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