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Hubba, Hubba, Hubba - How to add multiple USB ports to any computer in one minute
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

Laptops are great, but most don't come with enough USB ports. And if you have a desktop, you've probably found yourself out of USB ports a few times too. Let's face it. USB flash drives are doggone convenient for storing files and/or taking file with you on the go. And with all the different gizmos that connect to your computer via USB port: monitors; mice; printers; scanners; USB wireless adapters; USB Bluetooth dongles (adapters), USB flash drives, etc. - you can never have too many USB ports. And think about this, most desktops only have a couple USB ports in the front - and it's a pain to have to reach around to the back of the computer every time you want to plug in a flash drive or USB device. Right?


PC Repair. In Minutes.

So when you need to add more USB ports you don't need to pop the case open and install anything - just buy a 4-port USB hub and plug it in to any USB port on your computer. You can add as many hubs as you want. For every 4-port USB hub you add, you increase the number of available USB ports by three. Could you use 3 or 6 more USB ports? Sure you could.

You can get 4-port USB hubs in several different flavors - powered, unpowered, and semi-powered. Powered or semi-powered (voltage regulated) are best, but unpowered hubs are useful if all you intend to plug into them are USB flash drives or other low-power-drain devices. Of course the powered hubs are the most expensive and the unpowered or non-powered hubs are the cheapest. If you pick up a voltage-regulated or semi-powered hub you'll save money and get most of the benefits of a powered hub. If you're planning to use the hub for an external hard drive that gets its power from the USB port, you'll need to buy a powered hub for sure. But most externals come with a power cord and maintain their own power supply - and these work with non-powered or voltage-regulated hubs.

Hubba, Hubba! You can end your shortage of USB ports for less than twenty bucks. Get a 4-port USB hub (or two) today and stop the endless cycle of unplugging one thing to have room to plug in another.

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