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July 21, 2017

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Cloudeight Boosters Christmas In July Appreciation Sale

Hey Boosters! Our Christmas in July Sale Continues This Weekend!

We have a really great sale going on right now for all our Cloudeight Boosters. Details of our Christmas in July Boosters Appreciation Sale are posted on the Boosters' home page. Just log in to your Cloudeight Booster's account, and you'll see our Christmas in July Boosters Appreciation Sale posted right on the front page. Thanks so much for being a Cloudeight Booster!

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A comment from Steve
Thanks TC, for fixing my computer - I never thought in a million years you could fix it. You stuck with it until my computer was running the way you wanted it to which was far beyond what I expected. Thanks so much, TC. Thank you doesn't seem enough for the great job you did! You saved me from buying a new PC! Steve

A comment from Laura
Thanks to Darcy for fixing my husband's computer again! Sometimes his memory fails him and he gets himself in trouble. But I can always count on Cloudeight to do an whatever need to be done to get our computers back up and running well again. I am more than satisfied with the work you guys do...  and you don't charge enough! Whenever I need help with my husband's computer (or mine) I know I can count on Darcy and Cloudeight. Hugs, Laura.

A comment from Rose
Hi TC, Just wanted to thank you for another job well done. The back up on my husband's computer is running like a champ. He is very happy to finally have it working. I don't know how he got it partitioned the way it was  but I am glad that you were able to fix it. I recommend your services to everyone who complains about computer problems as you and Darcy do a great job. Thanks again for your great service with a job well done. Rose

A comment from Dan
This is a thank you note to Darcy cleaning up and fixing up my wife's computer ... and for all the patience she showed during the session. Darcy installed Emsisoft for both of us to help us prevent getting into this mess again. GREAT JOB, Darcy! PS: One of the best things I've ever done is subscribe to your Premium Newsletter! The best!

Thanks so much to Steve. Laura, Rose, Dan and everyone who has taken time to write to us. And thanks all those who used our Cloudeight Direct Computer Care services . And a thank you also, to all who have helped us with your donations and those who have shared our site with friends. THANK YOU! EB & TC.

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Sol wants to delete his Google account but has lost his password
Good morning question in 2012 I created a Google account I forgot the password. The (recovery) phone number I put in my profile is disconnected and no longer mine. I didn't put a recovery email, I tried many ways to log in and  the last thing i did was report it, but account is still there. I want to delete it completely and Google doesn't have anyone who can help me. Any suggestion of how can i delete my account? I really need help. Thanks.

Our answer

Hi Sol. In order to delete your Google account and profile, you are going to need your password. When you created your Google account you were asked to provide a recovery email address and/or a recovery phone number. Since you didn't give them a recovery email address, and the phone number you gave them no longer works, there is no way for Google to verify that you're the owner of the account. If you can't verify you're the owner of the account, then Google is not going to allow you to delete it. This does not mean Google is treating you unfairly. It means they are protecting your account.

According to Google: "We reserve the right to delete the data in your account after 9 months of inactivity. However, reserving the right is different from declaring that we always will take that action..." So, if your account has been inactive for more than 9 months, Google may delete your account or they may not. There is no guarantee that inactive accounts will ever be deleted.

We're on Google's side as far as requiring a password to delete a Google account and its profile. Just imagine the chaos that would occur if anyone could delete any Google account they wanted, just by writing to Google and saying they lost their password? It would be a mess and criminals would have field day.

The time for shutting the barn door is before the horses have left. This is a reminder to everyone with a Google account to make sure that the recovery email and the recovery phone number in your Google account profile are both up-to-date . You should have both a recovery email address and a recovery phone number in your Gmail account profile. Everyone with a Google account should take some time to make sure the information in your Google account profile is current.  If you're not sure how to do this, we have detailed instructions for you here.

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Ron is having problems with Windows Live Mail
I am using Windows Live Mail and often I get my message saying "You've got mail" HOWEVER when I open my mail I DO NOT have any new mail. I cannot find what is going on. Please help. Thanks, Ron.

Our answer
Hi Ron. Here are a few things to consider:

1. the alert may be coming from windows mail (built into windows 10)

2. You may have checked the mail on another computer/phone so no longer in inbox

3 .Windows Live is no longer available, or supported by Microsoft; it may be corrupted. Consider Thunderbird. More info at .

We have seen a lot of people having problems with Windows Live Mail. If it becomes corrupted there's no way to reinstall it, since Microsoft has removed the downloads. While you may find the original downloads on other sites, you need to use extra care to ensure those files are pristine and not bundled with malware or other unwanted software.

Our advice, whether you choose to use Thunderbird or something else, is to move away from Windows Live Mail as soon as possible. We are seeing more and more people having serious problems with it. We have seen two people in the last week who lost all their mail when Windows Live Mail disappeared after a Windows update.

Microsoft is pushing Windows 10 users in to using the Windows Mail app. But Windows Mail app is less than a full-featured mail client and, in our opinion, leaves much to be desired.

The important thing, we think, is to get away from Windows Live Mail as soon as you can, or you may find yourself dealing with some even bigger problems. Better to be safe than sorry... to quote a cliché.

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Lili asks about our recommendation of Font Xplorer
TC, a while ago you recommended "Font Explorer" so that I could use fonts by not installing them but rather loading a particular font, and then unloading it when I was finished using it. However, as good as Font Explorer is, it doesn't seem to work on a few of the fonts I had saved; I followed the instructions but when I go into "Word", the font I loaded does not show up.

Would you have a fix for that (of course you do!!! ;-) , or would you be able to recommend another (easy) program for me? I love fonts and have a number of them saved and would like to be able to use them when needed.

I look forward to your advice. Lili

Our answer
Hi Lilli. Font Xplorer is 12 years old. We recommend it for people who didn't want to install certain fonts, or just wanted to try out fonts before installing them.

Font Xplorer is offered by Moon Software as legacy freeware, but it's not being developed or supported anymore. You can try writing to Moon Software and see if they can help, but they no longer support Font Xplorer (and we understand since it's so old). It may be that the fonts you're loading into memory are not True Type Fonts -- or it may be the newer versions of Word have security features than prevent you from using fonts in memory (i.e. you would have to install the fonts you want to use).

To be perfectly honest, in this era when 4GB (or more) of RAM being typical and hard drives measured in terabytes, installing several hundred fonts on your PC would not slow it down. Back in the days of Windows 98, or even Windows XP, computers were using only 500MB or 1GB of RAM and 2 to 30 GB hard drives. Since 500MB of RAM is not very much, loading all those fonts into memory every time Windows was started, used up a lot of the 500MB of RAM thus slowing down the PC and the startup.

If you have 4GB of RAM or more and at least a 500 GB hard drive, there's really no reason why you can't install a hundred fonts or more without affecting your PC's performance. There may be other font managers out there that are like Font Xplorer, but they would probably be old as well. Windows 7, 8, and 10 all have great font managers built in - and as I said, plenty of RAM and hard drive space have made the old adage about fonts slowing down a PC rather outdated.

Hope this helps you.

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Andi wants to sync OneDrive on her new computer with OneDrive on her old computer
I just got a new computer. I uploaded a folder from my old computer to One-Drive and I can see the folder from my old computer but not the new computer. I can see all my pre-new folder upload files from One Drive on the new computer, just not the NEW FOLDER (with all the files I actually need, of course). I'm stumped! Same login to One Drive from both computers. Help!

Our answer
Hi Andi. Make sure you have OneDrive set up to Sync. If it's not syncing with what's already on OneDrive, then you won't see the same files on PC #2 as you do on PC #1. If you look at settings you'll see an option to turn on Sync. You'll have to do this with both computers. Keep in mind if sync is not turned on, on one or both computers, then it may take a while to sync after you turn sync on.

If both are set to Sync and you still don't see the same files/folders on PC #2 as you do on PC #1, check this Microsoft page for possible solutions (there are quite a few of them listed on that page.

Let us know if this helps you.

// Andi wrote back //

"Hi there - thanks so much. I finally got it working this morning using this solution on the NEW computer (for me, it was item #2 - once I went to the folders tab it had the folder I was missing, and it was unchecked!). I'm only sending this to you in case someone else has the same issue. It was driving me crazy!!!

Your OneDrive files will show up in File Explorer after you sync them to your PC:

1. Go to the right side of the taskbar and right-click (or press and hold) the OneDrive icon. If you don’t see it there, you might need to select the Show hidden icons  arrow first.

2. Select Settings, go to the Account tab, and then select Choose folders

3. Select the Sync all files and folders in my OneDrive check box, then OK..."

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Barb used to be able to mail a page with Chrome
I know you've covered this in one of your newsletters, but I cannot find the answer you provided. Until today, I've had an envelope on my Chrome toolbar that allowed me to email web pages directly to others. Today it is gone. how can i reinstate it, please? Thanks, Barb.

Our answer
Hi Barb. The only extension that we've recommended for Chrome to "send a page" is on called "Email this page (by Google)". We're going to give you the link to download it from the Chrome store (it's free, don't worry). But first we want you to check to make sure that the "Email this page (by Google)" extension is not installed. Sometimes an extension is installed but somehow ends up getting turned off, which causes it to disappear from the browser. Or you may have installed some new extensions that hid the "Email this page" button in the browser.

Click on the Settings icon [3 vertical dots at the top right] and click on "More tool" > Extensions. Look in the list of extension for Email this page. If you find it there, make sure the box next to "Enabled is checked". If it is checked, look at your browser and click on an icon for another extension and click "Hide in Chrome menu". Perhaps you have many extensions and there's no room anymore for the "Email this page" extension icon.

If you don't see "Email this page (by Google)" in your list of extensions, you can reinstall it by visiting this page.

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Cloudeight InfoAve

Gloria wants our opinion of EM Client
What do you think of that e-mail program, EM client? It's free and so far I do like it...

Our answer
Hi Gloria. eM Client is a good desktop email program, however it's not free if you have more than two accounts. Considering Thunderbird has about the same feature set and is free no matter how many email accounts you have, we'd stick with Thunderbird. But if you have two accounts or less, and you like eM Client, there's absolutely no reason for you to stop using it. When it comes to your PC, you're the boss!

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Geraldine say her computer seller says Norton is the best
Hi EB & TC, my partner had to purchase a new Laptop and the seller was telling us how good Norton is now, supposedly No.1 in the world? we are Emsisoft users and of course the guy had never heard of the name, is it possible that Norton could outdo Emsisoft, in my mind I don't think so, I just want to clear up this issue. One of the claims they make on their brochure is "Ranked #1 Total Overall Performance" by PASSMARK Software, March 2017 along with "AV Test BEST Protection 2015 & 2016" and to finish up "100% Accuracy Rating for Performance, Protection & Usability" I would appreciate your opinion as I was not aware that Norton was supposedly this good? thank you Geraldine (Australia)

Our Answer
HI Geraldine. Those rankings are not the main public and reliable independent rankings. I can create any kind of "ranking" list I want and say I am the

We do hundreds of remote sessions  and have found a lot of malware on computer supposedly protected by Norton. We use and recommend Emsisoft and as you know, we never recommend something we don't stand by and use ourselves. Emsisoft is not only a top-rated antivirus, it is also a top-rated antimalware program. Plus it protects users from PUPs and ransomware.

If we wanted to sell Norton, we could make a pretty penny on it; any time someone selling you a computer is pushing you to use a certain antivirus, you can bet the people are making good money by pushing it. It is unusual that "seller" of a computer would be doing that.

Careful with this seller as far as what else they are pushing. There are four things you need when getting a new computer, so don't let them push you into other things. My laptop has all I need and I got it for just under $300 (Dell).

1. Monitor size you like
2. 8 gig of RAM (more if not too costly)
3. Windows 10 Home version is find
4. A hard drive at least 500 GB but , 1 TB would be preferable.

Past that, don't let a salesman convince you that you need other bells and whistles. And when they start the processor speed razzle-dazzle, ignore it.  You don't need a gaming processor.  Stick to the core features - screen size, RAM, Windows 10, and roomy hard drive.

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One Year Emsisoft License With FREE Installation & Set-up
Some of you still aren't using Emsisoft... so we're making you an offer you can't refuse! If you're not yet using Emsisoft, here's your chance to get the best protection you can buy and we'll install it and set it up for you FREE. Emsisoft now has a powerful new anti-ransomware feature!  See this page for all the details.

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A System Restore Tip for Windows 10
Windows 10 (all versions)

By default, windows 10 sets aside only about 1% of your total hard drive space for System Restore. If you are seeing only 3 restore points, it is probably because the entire default hard drive space allocation for System Restore has been used by the 3 restore points that you see. You can modify the hard drive space allocated for System Restore. When we work on computers and we're working with System Restore, we normally reset it to 5% to 10% of the drive rather than 1%, depending on size of the hard drive and the available hard drive space.

Here's how you can adjust the amount of hard drive space allocated for System Restore in Windows 10.

1. Type Create Restore In the Taskbar Search (Cortana), then click on "Create a Restore Point" when it appears in the search results.  Or you can also just click the Start button and start typing Create Restore. Click on "Create a Restore Point" when it appears in the search.

2. Under System Properties, System Protection tab, click on the "Configure" button:

Cloudeight Internet

3. In the System Protection dialog, under "Disk Space Usage", use the slider to adjust the amount of disk space you want to allocate to System Restore.

Cloudeight Internet

Now, click Apply  /  OK.

Increasing the disk space allocated to System Restore increases the number of restore points you'll have available. We recommend you don't go crazy here. Do not allocate more than 10% of your hard drive space to System Restore. Also keep in mind that increasing the drive space allocated to System Restore has no immediate affect - you're not going to see five new restore points appearing out of the blue. Over time, you'll have 5 or 6 (or more) restore points to choose from instead of 2 or 3. More is better, but only to a point. So, we urge you not to go crazy :)

Another thing to keep in mind is that the older the restore point is the less viable it may be. We have found that very old restore points sometimes result in System Restore  failing to restore the computer successfully. Normally, the more recent the restore point, the greater the odds that the system restore operation will be successful. We suggest you don't keep restore points more than 2 months old.

One last thing. As Windows 10 gets more sophisticated, with new recovery such as System Reset (with options) and "Fresh Start", System Restore is growing less important. But, System Restore is still a valuable tool and one you should always consider first when things go wrong.

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Mute Annoying Audio in Web Sites
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Firefox, Chrome, and Edge browsers

Many sites, especially news sites, have delayed auto-start videos (or audio ads) on their pages. When surfing multiple pages, you may suddenly hear the audio, but finding which page it is coming from use to mean going through every open tab to find it. But  if you're like us, you may have a dozen or more tabs open.

I was complaining to TC the other day about the blaring sound from videos/ads and how I had to go through several open tabs to find the culprit. He causally says “look for the sound icon” and you can tell which tab it is coming from; as if everyone but I knew this! Sure enough… I looked a little closer and there it was! Its super tiny, but its visible and while this is not available on Internet Explorer, it is on Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

Below are screenshots of Chrome, Firefox and Edge browsers with open tabs to show you where the sound icon is located on the tab and what it looks like. Thanks TC! Even old dogs can learn new tricks!

Chrome Browser (on the right side of the tab, next to the “x” below):

Cloudeight Internet

And below, you can see the speaker icon has a line through it, indicating that the tab is muted.

Cloudeight Internet

And if you decide you want to hear a particular tab again, just right-click on the muted tab and chose "Unmute tab"... see?

Cloudeight Internet

Below: Firefox is almost identical to Chrome. Just right-click on the offending tab and click on "Mute Tab".

Cloudeight Internet

And Microsoft Edge, to be different, puts the speaker icon on the left side of the tab. Right-click on the noisy tab and choose "Mute tab".

Cloudeight Internet

Sorry, Internet Explorer fans, you’ll never know which tab is annoying you with sound unless you manually check each tab.
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Don't Like Chrome's Material Design Settings Interface? Here's how to get the old settings back!
For everyone using Chrome

By now, you've probably noticed that Google has implemented its Material Design Settings interface into Chrome for Windows. The Material Design interface was already standard on Chrome OS and Android devices... but now Windows users have it too. But what if you don’t like the new Chrome “Material Design” settings interface? We’re tickled you asked. If you’re a bold explorer, you can switch Chrome back to the old Settings interface as quickly as you can say Material Design settings…

In the Chrome address bar (omnibar), type


And press “Enter”.

Now, scroll down until you find “Enable Material Design settings” in the list… or here’s a super tip… press CTRL+F and type Material in the search box … there are 13 entries with the word “Material” in them. Only one says “Enable Material Design settings”… and that’s the one you want.

You will see it’s set to “Default”, not “Enabled” for whatever reason. All you need to do is use the down arrow to select “Disabled” and then restart Chrome. You’ll notice when you do chance the setting to disabled, Chrome will show you a large “Relaunch” button. Just click it to restart Chrome.

Cloudeight Internet

After you restart Chrome, voila! ;There is the old traditional Chrome settings… the one you have grown to know and love. The one where you can find everything…

If you were comfortable with the old Chrome settings interface, you’ll be happy. However, if you decide that nostalgia is not for you, you can sail back to the new Material Design interface just by going back to


Press Enter.

Now find the Material Design Settings (as shown above) and change it from “Disabled” to “Default”.

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Windows 10 Is No Longer Supported on This PC
Windows 10

Some PC's are not able to be updated to Windows 10 Creators Update (version 1703) because the computer has an incompatible processor. Microsoft blames thee vendors and the vendors blame Microsoft.

If you're device has an Intel Atom Processor (Codenamed Clover Trail) you may not be able to update your PC to Windows 10 Creators Update... at least not yet. According to reports, users with certain Intel Atom Processors who have tried to install the update manually encounter the following error message:
Cloudeight Internet

Those who encounter this error may not be able to recover from it and may have to use Windows 10 recovery options to go back to a previous build.

Here's what Microsoft has to say about this problem:

" Devices that contain the following Intel processors (codenamed Clover Trail) are currently not supported on Windows 10 Creators Update:

Atom Z2760
Atom Z2520
Atom Z2560
Atom Z2580

Icons and text may not appear at all, or may appear as solid color blocks on devices containing these processors.

Microsoft is working with our partners to provide compatible drivers for these processors. Until then, Windows Update will prevent devices containing one of the processors listed above from installing the Creators Update.

If your PC contains one of these processors, Microsoft recommends that you do not install the Creators Update from the software download site. Please wait and allow Windows Update to install the Creators Update after compatible drivers are released and installed. If you have already installed Creators Update from the software download site and are experiencing these problems, you can use Windows 10’s recovery options to go back to an earlier build..."

You can find out what kind of processor your PC has this way:

1. Right-click the start button.
2. Click on "System"

You'll see your processor listed on the About Windows 10 page:

Cloudeight Internet

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Backup Your Google Account(s)
Everyone with a Google Account

We're all (well, most of us) storing more and more data in the cloud. Gmail (a Google service) is the most popular web mail service with over 1 billion users -including EB and me. If you have Gmail, you have a Google account. If you have a Google account, you have Gmail.

Google has your data backed up in several locations - in modern, environmentally-controlled data centers with security as tight as Fort Knox. If you're not from the USA, Fort Knox makes gelatin - Knox Gelatin. I'm just kidding. And the chances that Google will ever lose your data are as slim as the Cleveland Browns winning the Super Bowl. The chances of that are slim and none - and slim just too the last plane out of town.

But despite the fact we are nearly 100% certain that Google is not going to lose your data - or lock you out - it's still prudent to backup important data to an external drive. If the sun has 1800-style solar flares and they knock out all electronics and the internet, you can access all your email - not that you'll need it, since you won't have power to run your computer unless you have a generator.

Yes, I'm running on and on because I don't want to strike fear into your hearts; I just want to show you how to back up all your Gmail and other data you store on Google services.

Now, on with the show! (What's that you say, EB? Why didn't I say "irregardless"? Because irregardless is not a proper word. I take enough heat for my grammatical bumbles without intentionally setting myself up. Enough all right, EB? No, it's "all right" - alright is not a proper word either. Do you want all those editors-in-waiting - err Grammar Police to come down upon me like a swarm of locusts?)

OK now --- On with the show (for real)!

First make sure you're logged into the Gmail or Google Account you want to back up. Then visit this page to access Google Takeout:

That link takes your right to the page where you can choose your Google data

Cloudeight InfoAve

Cloudeight InfoAve

Cloudeight InfoAve

Above: Slide the switches to select or unselect the Google Data you want to include in your backup archive and then click "Next".

(Below): After you click "Next", you'll be given an opportunity to select the file type of your data backup (we strongly suggest you leave it set to .zip format. Zip files can be opened on almost any computer. Then you can select how you want your data backup archive delivered. We suggest you download you select "Send download link via email". That way you can save it to your local drive. Once you have it stored locally you can add it to One Drive, Dropbox or Google Drive later on.

Cloudeight InfoAve

Then click "Create archive". Note it may take hours or days before receiving your backup - it all depends on how much data you have in your Gmail and Google Accounts.

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Cloudeight Boosters Christmas In July Appreciation Sale

Hey Boosters! Our Christmas in July Sale Continues This Weekend!

We have a really great sale going on right now for all our Cloudeight Boosters. Details of our Christmas in July Boosters Appreciation Sale are posted on the Boosters' home page. Just log in to your Cloudeight Booster's account, and you'll see our Christmas in July Boosters Appreciation Sale posted right on the front page. Thanks so much for being a Cloudeight Booster!

Not a booster? You can be a booster by donating as little as $10. Make a small donation here and join our Cloudeight Boosters. 

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It's Summer in the City

The thready fingers of heat are already rising from the concrete soul of the city. Another vapid, sullen, summer morning awakens. Dawn brings its dreary, dull, oppressive heat to another struggling newborn day.

It is already too hot to move and too muggy to breathe. I look at the tired trees through a dirty, streaked steamy window – they look staggered and sick. Their leaves are dirty and dull – old tired trees painted a dingy dusty green.

I can remember how they sparkled in the cool air of mid-April, and how their shadows stretched long and far in the decreasing slant of an amicable and warm spring sun. In spring the nighttime came quickly and without a even a modicum of twilight. The sky was blue and then it was black and the nocturnal things scurried quickly to find refuge from the cold, winter-like nights of spring.

Now the days are long and the sunlight has no slant. It burns straight down. Twilight is long and leaves living things yearning for the cool of the night that seems never to come. The sun pierces the dense shade; once-verdant meadows are brown and withered and parched. The once lush green valleys of early summer are smeared with death. They now lie cowering- burnt and lifeless. The field grass looks like rough gritty sand scattered randomly by hot acrid winds on a hellish, unearthly desert. Searing winds swirl past the stunted, lifeless growing things. The sun relentless, drives them nearer and nearer to death. One good rain and the valley would burst forth with life anew, but no rain is coming anytime soon – even that hope has dried up.

It's summer in the city

The world looks weary and worn out – the sweat drips and drips in drops and drops; my spirit sinks and droops in the unrelenting, undulating heat; I find no promise in the swarming summer heat. I can find no respite from its searing soul. I am mired in it. I am surrounded by it. There seems to be no escape...

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Cloudeight InfoAve

Cloudeight InfoAve

Blink Health

It's no secret that old EB and TC are aging. We're coming into our golden years - some would say TC is approaching his decrepit years - and as we age, you know, most of us have things inside that are breaking down and not working like they used to - or as they're supposed to. Which means most of us older folk take prescription medications to help us live a better quality of life or to keep the chronic diseases older folks sometimes experience at bay.

And, as most of us who live in the USA know all too well, big pharma is ripping us off. The prescription drug industry in the good old USA takes advantage of our American health care system. And we know of some folks that have to decide which they need more: food or medicine. It shouldn't be that way, I tells ya! But that's how it is - or should I say - that's how it was. Until now, unless you paid for prescription drug insurance plan, you were at the mercy of the drug companies and their ridiculously high prices.

But now, thanks to EB's keen eye, if you're living in the USA and you take prescription drugs and don't have prescription drug insurance coverage - or you don't have very good coverage, you'll be glad to know that you're no longer at the mercy of those smirking pharmaceutical executives who think raising the prices of some drugs by 4000% percent is funny. We don't think it's funny, and neither does our site pick "Blink Health". If you take expensive prescription medications and you find yourself strapped for cash - or worse - trying to decide whether to buy food or the medicines you need, keep on reading.

The following if from the founders and developers of Blink Heath - and there's a lot more to read on their Web site too. EB has tried and tested this site and gives it an A+. We think you will too:

How does Blink work?

Search for your medication

Blink offers low prices on over 15,000 medications. Search for the medication your doctor prescribed. Be sure to select the form, dosage and quantity that matches your prescription.

Pay online - it’s fully refundable

You’ll get your proof of purchase - your Blink Card. You can print it out. We’ll also text and email it to you too. Remember, the name and date of birth on your account must match your prescription.

Pick up and pay $0 at the pharmacy

Fill your prescription at your pharmacy like you normally do. Show the pharmacist your Blink Card and ask to process Blink as the primary payor. Your copay is $0...

...Having insurance doesn’t mean you pay the lowest price. When the Blink Price beats your copay, pay with Blink Health instead. If you have multiple prescriptions, you can use Blink to pay for some, or all of them at your pharmacy...

...When you have Medicare. Pay with Blink if your Part D plan doesn’t cover your medication, or if your copay is too high. Tell your pharmacist to process Blink as the primary payor...

...Whether you have good insurance, bad insurance, or no insurance at all, Blink can save you money at over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide.

... And Blink Health is accepted at all major chains and most independent pharmacies, including: Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Target, Kroger, Safeway and many others.


Read a whole lot more about and/or try Blink Health here.

We bet you'll save a lot of money - if you're from the USA, of course. The rest of you in other countries, you're lucky, you don't have to worry about stuff like this :)

Cloudeight has no business relationship with nor do we receive any compensation from Blink Health.

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What is the "Command Prompt"

Sometimes EB will get angry with me because I'm late for almost everything. She'll say, "I command you to be prompt!" That's one form of command prompt. But you don't want to know about EB and her silly commands, you want to know about the Windows' Command Prompt.

If you're using Windows 10, you can open a Command Prompt by right-clicking on the Start button (or pressing Windows Key + X) and then choosing "Command Prompt" or "Command Prompt (admin)". It's best to choose Command Prompt (admin) so you don't start typing in commands and get a prompt that you need an elevated command prompt to run a certain command.

If you're using Windows 8x, press the Windows Key + S and type CMD in the Search box, then click on CMD when it appears in the search results. If you want to open an elevated (admin) Command Prompt, right-click on CMD and choose "Run as administrator".

If you're using Windows 7, type CMD in the Start menu search, and click on CMD when it appears at the top. If you want to open an elevated (admin) Command Prompt, right-click on CMD and choose "Run as administrator".

Now that you know how to open a Command Prompt, you want to know what the heck it's for, right? It's for running commands. No, you don't have to be a geek like EB to use it. Here are some things anyone can do using a command prompt:

Check your hard drive for errors (this will not fix errors). You must run this in a Command Prompt with administrator privileges:

Withe the Command Prompt open, type CHKDSK at the prompt (which looks like >) and press Enter

Check your Windows version. Type WINVER at the prompt and press Enter.

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Check to see how long it's been since Windows was installed on your computer. Type SYSTEMINFO at the prompt and press Enter.

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There are dozens and dozens of commands you can use with the Command Prompt. We can't cover them all  - but if you search for "Windows commands" you'll find many sites with lists of commands you can run from the Windows Command Prompt. We command you to have fun!

EB, I command you to disappear!
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Reg Organizer - A Swiss Army Knife of Windows Tools

Reg Organizer - A Swiss Army Knife of Windows Tools - Works Great on Windows 10!

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July 21, 2017

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