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Issue  #894
Volume 18 Number 5
November 27, 2020

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Happy Thanksgiving from Darcy & TC!

We hope you're all enjoying your Thanksgiving weekend safely during this very unusual year. Today's edition of InfoAve Weekly is a review edition. On major holiday weekends, we publish a review edition featuring some of the best content from previous issues of Cloudeight InfoAve Weekly. This gives us some time off so we can enjoy the holiday weekend with our friends and family and gives you a chance to review some of the best questions & answers, tips & tricks and more from past editions of this newsletter.

We hope you enjoy this special edition of Cloudeight InfoAve Weekly. Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving weekend!

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Irene asks about a Slimware popup on her husband's computer
Regularly on my husband's computer, a window pops up when he turns the computer on, and it reads to update a driver. It is Slimware. I tell him to ignore it. Is there a way to block that popup, or should I pay attention to that?

Our answer
Hi Irene. Slimware Utilities is scamware which is installed as a standalone program or bundled with other software. You should definitely uninstall it. Driver updater programs are one of the most useless things you can install on your computer. Not only are they useless but they can cause major problems requiring repair and possibly even requiring a rest or reinstallations Windows. Unnecessarily updating drivers, especially video drivers is one of the biggest causes of major Window problems.

When you uninstall it, it may find it listed as one or more of the following:

Driver Updater
Slimware Utilities

Make sure you uninstall them all. We hope this helps you!

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Terry's right-click function on Windows 10 no longer works
The right-click function on my Windows 10 laptop has stopped working. It is driving me crazy because I used that feature all the time. I really miss being able to quickly right-click when I need to. I have been using Windows 10 for 3 years and I have never had any trouble with it until now. Do you have any advice for me? Thanks, Terry.

Our answer
Hi Terry. Have you tried this simple fix?

1. Shut down your PC completely (all power lights off)
2. Wait for 4 or 5 minutes.
3. Turn on your computer.
4. Let Windows 10 load completely.
5. Try your computer and check to see if you still have problems.

If you still have the right-click problem, follow the alternate instructions on this page.

I hope this helps you, Terry.
Terry wrote back: "It Worked! Thanks a lot. I can't believe that just by shutting off my computer for a few minutes fixed my annoying problem. You guys are great! Thanks, Terry"

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Diane is having problems with Chrome
My Google Chrome has suddenly started also opening YouTube when I open Chrome. I don't think I've changed any settings. But do you have any ideas on how I can get this to stop?

Our answer
Hi Diane. The easiest & quickest way? Reset Chrome. This will reset Chrome back to its default state - which opens to the new tabs page. It will disable all Chrome extensions, but it will not remove them. This is helpful in case an extension changed your Chrome start page. You can re-enable the extensions you want after the reset. Resetting Chrome also clears browsing history.

1. Learn how to reset Chrome here.

2. Learn how to set a new start page in Chrome here.

3. Learn how to turn Chrome extensions on & off here.

We hope this helps you, Diane. If you need anything else, let us know.

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Doris has a new ISP and still has connection problems
I got a new ISP yesterday because I was losing my internet several times a day. With the new one, I have lost my internet 3 times today. I think it must be my computer. Is this something you may be able to look at my computer? I have a Cloudeight Direct Computer Care key. It is old, I got it back in 2017. Is it still good? I can't have it updated to 10 while this is happening. May need a new computer? Thanks, Doris

Our answer
Hi Doris. It's most likely not a problem with Windows, It may be your router, your modem, your Ethernet card or your wireless adapter (if you're on WiFi), In all these cases it's a hardware issue and we can't help with hardware.

If you have WiFi you can try this.

If you don't you can try resetting Windows Networking. Read how to do that here.

If you have used two different Internet Service Providers and your connection keeps dropping it is most likely a hardware issue.

Your Cloudeight Direct Computer Care key is good until you use it - it never expires.

I hope this helps you. If you have any more questions, please let us know.

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Cheryl wants to know if she has a wireless adapter
I have Windows 10. How can I tell if my computer has a wireless adapter installed?

Our answer
Hi Cheryl. You can tell if you have a Wireless adapter this way:

1. Type Network Settings in taskbar search
2. In Network Settings, under "Change your network settings", click on "Change adaptor options"

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3. If you see a connection with the label Wi-Fi, you have a Wireless adapter. If you see only one adapter and it says, "Local Area Connection" and you see nothing else, you don't have a wireless adapter. If you see two and one of them says Wi-Fi -- then you do (see screenshot below):

Cloudeight InfoAve Premium

If your computer does not have an  internal Wi-Fi adapter -- or your wireless adapter is not working - there's a very inexpensive way to give your desktop (or laptop) wireless capabilities without even opening the case or installing any hardware. In fact, all you have to do is buy a USB Wireless Adapter and plug it in. Some USB wireless adapters require you to install software from a CD before they'll work properly. In this case, the CD comes with the adapter. 

You can purchase a USB wireless adapter for $20-$70 at Wal-Mart, Target, BestBuy, etc. You don't need a high-end (expensive) USB wireless adapter. An inexpensive USB Wi-Fi adapter should work just fine for you.

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Susan wants to know if she needs to use the software that came with her external hard drive
I LOVE your Newsletters! In this day and age of scams and fake news, your Newsletters are so refreshing, offering trustworthy programs and answers to great questions! Thank you EVER so much!  My question: I'm running Ashampoo for backup onto a Passport external drive. Is it safe to uninstall WD Backup as well as their toolkit, etc.? I don't see the need for it unless I start having trouble with Ashampoo? Thanks so much, please stay with us, we so need you!! :)

Our answer
Hi Susan. Thank you and thanks for being with us through the years! Yes, the included Western Dgital software is completely unnecessary and can be removed.

We are not going anywhere!
Susan wrote back: "So good to hear you'll continue to be helping us! Honestly, I don't know where we would all turn to without you. Thank you so much for doing what you do! Thanks for answering my question so quickly, you guys are amazing! Faithfully yours, Sue "

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Cloudeight InfoAve Premium -Tips & Tricks 

Who Am I? (All About User Accounts Plus a Bonus Tip)
Windows 10 (all versions)

Would you like to find out the name of the user account you’re logged into Windows with? Here’s how:

Open a command prompt. In Windows 10 type CMD in taskbar search and press Enter when Command prompt appears.

At the prompt type WHOAMI (as in who am I). Windows will respond with your computer name and your user account. It may be different than what you think. My main user account on this computer is Rocky 10 (a movie they never made) and I’m logged in as user odumh (don’t even ask). 

Cloudeight Windows 10 Tips and Tricks

Now, for the next tip, I’m switching to a different computer where I have a lot of user accounts set up. 

To see a list of all the accounts on your computer, open an Administrator Command prompt this way:

Type CMD in taskbar search. When the Command prompt appears at the top of the search results, right-click on it and choose “Run as administrator” from the right-click menu.

In the Command window at the prompt type:


And press Enter.

You’ll see all the accounts on your computer, including the hidden ones.

Cloudeight Windows 10 Tips & Tricks

My second (backup) laptop is called Sydney28 (it’s a long story). You can see I have several other user accounts on Sydney28 with names like “BeMyGuest”, Jupiter, rainc, Reddington and thunder (Thunder Cloud) and some arcane accounts that were created by Windows.

If you have an inquiring mind, you probably want to know why they are there.

WDAGUtilityAccount — Microsoft defines the “WDAGUtilityAccount” this way: “this account is part of the Windows Defender Application Guard which came with the Fall Creators Update (version 1709). This account is left disabled unless it (Windows Defender Application Guard) is enabled on your device.”

DefaultAccount — It’s probably not what you think it is. It’s not your default user account. According to Microsoft’s arcane definition: “The DefaultAccount, also known as the Default System Managed Account (DSMA), is a built-in account introduced in Windows 10 version 1607 and Windows Server 2016. The DMSA is a well-known user account type. It is a user-neutral account that can be used to run processes that are either multi-user aware or user-agnostic…” hmmm!

Administrator — this is the famous, so-called hidden Super Administrator account. And while it does have some important uses, you should never enable it and then leave it enabled. If you want to enable it to try it, you can do so this way:

Open an Administrator Command prompt and type:


Now press Enter. You’ll get a message that “The command has completed successfully”

Once you’ve enabled it, to use it you’ll need to log out of your account and log into the “Super Administrator” account.

Don’t forget to turn it off when you’re done experimenting: Open an administrator Command prompt and type:


Press Enter. You should see “The command completed successfully”.

And one more tip:  If you have more than one user account — that you created — you can switch between them by using the Windows key + L shortcut. Try it. 

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Windows 10 Clipboard History
All currently supported versions of Windows10

Clipboard managers have always been popular and there are dozens of free clipboard managers available. Why are there so many? Because until Windows 10 Version 1809 (October 2018 Update) was released, you could only save one item to your Windows clipboard at a time. It didn't matter whether it was an image or text, you were limited to one item. Period. So, smart developers created clipboard managers that allowed you to store and then access many clipboard items saved to the clipboard. Clipboard managers come in handy for those of us who find ourselves typing the same text over and over like...

Best regards,

Phillip P. Example, Esquire
Example, Sample & Example
Attorneys at Law

Who wants to type that stuff over and over? Microsoft caught on... finally. In all currently supported versions of Windows 10, all you need to do it turn on Clipboard history and you’ll instantly have access to all the items you’ve recently copied to your clipboard. It works just like a clipboard manager but being Microsoft, can’t just call it a clipboard manager, they call it Clipboard history. Whatever you call it, it works like a clipboard manager and stores everything you copy and keeps them all neatly organized… see?

Cloudeight Windows 10 Tips and Tricks

Just click on the item you want to paste. 

But before you can use the new clipboard, you have to turn it on. And how do your turn it on? I’m glad you asked. Open Settings (Windows key + i), click on System and click “Clipboard” on the menu on the left. See?

Cloudeight Windows 10 Tips and Tricks

Oh yes… don’t forget to turn the switch under “Clipboard history” to “On”.

And if you have multiple devices and you have a Microsoft account, you can access your clipboard from your other devices as well.

You can view your entire Clipboard history by pressing Windows key + V.  You can delete single items from the Windows Clipboard history or clear everything at once.

And now, instead of typing something over and over, all you have to do is press Windows key + V and click on the item you want to paste, see?

Best regards,

Phillip P. Example, Esquire
Example, Sample & Example
Attorneys at Law 

Don’t be scratching your head… we’re not really attorneys and either is Phillip P. Example. Is he? Isn't he with the law firm of Dewey, Cheatam & Howe?

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Windows 8x and Windows 10 (all versions)

After working with many great people over the years, even old coots like us pick up on things. And one thing we’ve picked up on is that people often ask how to make things bigger – like the text in an email, or text on a web page, or desktop icons.

Of course, as always in the world of Windows there are several ways to do things, and making things bigger is one of them. Today we’re going to show you how to make things bigger the easiest and quickest way.

Did you know your CTRL key and mouse wheel are buddies? They are, and those two can make things bigger instantly. Here are some examples.

First example: A Word document opened in WordPad

Cloudeight Windows Tips

You can see the text above is not too small, but for this example, pretend it’s too small to see. We simply hold down the CTRL key and move the mouse wheel away from us (toward the computer screen) and voila!

Cloudeight Windows Tips

This works with most word processors, text programs, and email programs, so try it!

Second example: A web page.

Cloudeight Windows Tips

Hold down the CTRL key and move the mouse wheel toward the computer screen and …

Cloudeight Windows Tips

And now… desktop icons. Want to make them bigger? YES!

Cloudeight Windows Tips

Use the CTRL key and your mouse wheel to make them HUGE:

Cloudeight Windows Tips

That’s a bit large, right? But you get the idea. As you move the mouse wheel away from you, things get bigger incrementally, so when they’re as big as you want them, just stop.

And conversely, you can make things smaller by holding down the CTRL key and moving the mouse wheel toward you (away from the screen).

So now you know how to make things bigger whenever you need to and then make them smaller again too.

I guess you could say that now — you’re in CTRL, we tells ya!

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Cloudeight InfoAve Premium -Tips & Tricks

Our Two Favorite Download Sites

When it comes to keeping you safe, steering you away from download sites that thrive on tricking you into download parasitical download bundles (are you reading this CNet - and, how about you, Softonics?). Installing software bundles teaming with adware, browser hijackers, backdoors, search engine hijackers, and even worse, is a really good way to not only harm your computer - but a good way to toss away your privacy - and maybe even sanity. These download bundles contain other software - we call them parasites - that try to trick you into clicking "Yes" or "OK" thus giving them permission to install their garbage on your PC. It's bad enough playing whack-a-mole with download buttons and links, but it's really bad if you keep clicking next > next > next when you install software and don't read the dialogs as they pass by.

One of the best things we can do to keep you safe is to keep you away from download sites that prey upon your trusting nature and count on you being in a hurry when you download and install software. So today, we're going to tell you about the only two major download sites we trust.

We download a lot of software - particularly freeware. We have to. We’re always testing new software trying to find good software to recommend to you.

But these days downloading software, especially freeware, is a bit like playing Russian roulette. There are so many software download installers that try to sneak unwanted 3rd-party junkware and worse by unsuspecting users, that you must be constantly vigilant when you install any software you’ve downloaded – particularly freeware.

But it’s not enough to be vigilant when you install software that you’ve downloaded, you have to be extra careful where you download it from. Unfortunately, the world’s most popular download site (CNet's has decided to make even more of a crapshoot out of downloading by taking clean freeware and bundling it in its own garbage installer. And the worst download site in the world, Softonics, doubles down on CNet's game with even worse bundles of garbage (see our article about Softonics here).

So, if you like to download software, we’re going to tell you the two sites from which we generally download – after we make a simple suggestion. Whenever possible, we always try to download from the software developer’s site - the program's homepage, so-to-speak. That does not guarantee that we (or you) will always get clean software, but it does give us a better chance than downloading from sites who care more about getting their garbage installed on your computer and making money than they care about you or integrity and/or clean downloads. But no matter where you download, take our advice – and always be careful – even developers who offer clean software sometimes love to play Whack-a-Mole with the download links.

Here they are – in order – our two favorite software download sites:


Our favorite download site – by far – is SnapFiles. The site’s developer has been around as long as we have – that’s a long time! –  and we’ve come to trust his reviews and his site.  On SnapFiles, programs that that may try to install 3rd-party software are noted so you can be watchful when you install them. They have a section dedicated to freeware and one dedicated to trialware. If you're looking for freeware, be sure to browse only in the freeware section on SnapFiles.

Here’s some info from the site owner:

What makes us different from other download sites?

  • We download and test EVERY program before listing it.

  • We create the screenshots.

  • If it’s not working for us, it will not be listed.

  • If it appears to be a waste of your time, we won’t list it…

If we have any doubts as to the integrity of the software and/or author, we will not list it.
Unlike most other software download sites, we actually download, install and review every single program before it is listed on the site. We use our years of experience to bring you the products that appear reliable and worth your time. If it’s not working for us, we won’t list it. If it appears to be a waste of your time, we won’t list it…

Adware & Bundle Policy
All products you find at are carefully selected and constantly monitored.
Please refer to our Adware policy for additional details.

If you are looking for a trustworthy download site where the reviews are accurate and where software bundles are clearly identified, you’ll want to make a trip to SnapFiles and take a look around - they have a great selection of freeware.



Another download site we use occasionally is MajorGeeks. And while we don’t use MajorGeeks nearly as much as SnapFiles, it’s still a good download site and worthy of mention here. MajorGeeks does not do as good of a job of notifying users when applications contain bundled software, but the download links are easy to find and the reviews are generally trustworthy.

Here’s some information from the owners of MajorGeeks:

MajorGeeks is a small, home-based software download site where all the software is handpicked and tested by just two people. We lean heavily towards freeware, but we gladly post high-quality shareware. We do not automate anything, and we reject 95% of submissions. While most websites brag about having hundreds of thousands of software titles to download, we brag about having fewer than 10,000. The intention is to give you a place to go where you can find the top 1% of software, and we try only to add software that we consider to be four stars or better. We have no employees, no offices, and no social life. We live for this stuff and hope you appreciate the difference.

How we test for software:

1: We Google it and look into the software and company reputation. Sometimes we can eliminate a program right here.

2: If it passes step 1 then we need to scan it with multiple virus scanners using VirusTotal, for example.

3: Last is the most important and unique step at MajorGeeks for software we’re comfortable listing. We use VMWare Workstation to test the software safely. We want to see if it does what it promises, is fairly priced if shareware and is worthy of a 4 star or better rating. If we have time we write a mini review with our thoughts and post that first under MajorGeek says. We will also grab screenshots at this point if needed.

Here is a video explaining it better.

If you need further assistance, please visit our Boot Camp for how to use te (sic) website, check out our must have free downloads list or for personal help, stop by our Support Forum and ask for help. We believe you will find our forums friendly to newcomers.

The Software Awards Scam is a classic example that still applies today. A lot of those big websites will do whatever they have to do to get traffic from authors. We have even seen sites offer to remove negative reviews for authors to trade for traffic. Can you imagine? Please, be careful who you trust.

If you’re looking for a decent and trustworthy download site, give MajorGeeks a try.

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Cloudeight InfoAve Premium - Essays , Rants, etc.

It's Time to Give Thanks

In this bizarre year of the Coronavirus Pandemic, things don't seem right anymore - and it seems, sometimes, that the world will never be the same again. And perhaps for those of us who are older and who have lived decades - it may never be the way it used to be. Whoever dreamed we'd ever see people walking around with masks covering their noses and mouths - and keeping away from family members just to keep them safe?  I never imagined the world could be so completely turned upside down.

So, sometimes these days, it really doesn't seem like I have a lot to be thankful for.

The trouble with getting older is everything you remember is painted with the brushes of the past. Those brushes, the echoes, and reflections of the past color everything I do today. And sometimes the colors of my memories of moments long past are dull and lifeless and even forlorn – if you can even imagine such colors.

It’s hard to imagine, but I’m sure that when the moments now in my memory were being made the colors were bright, dazzling, vibrant, and eye-catching. The grass was greener, the autumn leaves were redder, the sky was bluer, the sun was brighter, the days were longer, the winters shorter...

Please read the rest of our Thanksgiving essay here.

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Cloudeight InfoAve Premium - Back to Basics

Your Browser's Address Bar

If you use any popular browser it has an address bar. The address bar is where you type in the address (URL) of a site you want to visit. It's also the place where you can see the address of the site that you are on. So, if you get to a site by clicking a link rather than typing it in, you'll see the site's address (URL) in the browser's address bar.

Cloudeight InfoAve Computer tips & tricks
(Above: The address bar in Microsoft Edge)

For instance, if you click , your default browser will open and you'll see in your browser's address bar.

Cloudeight InfoAve Computer tips & tricks
(Above the address bar in Firefox showing the URL (web address) to a truly wonderful site.)

But what if I wanted to trick you? I could say, come on people now, smile on your brother, everybody come visit Cloudeight InfoAve News! Just click here. I could even show you the URL and trick you. But we are honest hard-working souls with malice towards none, I tells ya. We would never send you someplace harmful. Maybe annoying, but never harmful!

Too bad there are so many crooks and too many greedy people with too much time on their hands, who spend all their time trying to make easy money. So, think of your address bar as your first line of defense against these flagitious, reprehensible, nefarious reprobates out to trick you into giving up your good name, good credit... and your money.

Here, we'll show you what we mean.  Let's say you do your banking at Bank of America. You type in in your address bar and press Enter and voila the internet whisks you off to the banking site where you can log in and do your business.

Cloudeight InfoAve Computer tips & tricks

Notice that it says "Bank of America [US] " in the address bar. And you can see it's a secure site by the lock on the left edge and the https:// before the address. Just looking at your browser's address bar to make sure you're on the site you're supposed to be on, an save you all kinds of worry, grief, and even money.

All's well, eh? For now. But let's say some evil, malicious knave, sends you an email that looks exactly like it came from Bank of America. And the email tells you that you need to log into your account and verify your username and password because he says, there's been suspicious activity on your account. He does this to trick you. And to make the trick work, he puts a link to your bank site with something like please login here. And not thinking, you click it.

So, you click the link and you see this.

Cloudeight InfoAve Computer tips & tricks

Now if you're not paying attention, or your tired or distracted, it looks like Bank of America and the login looks right. So, you type in your username and password - and nothing happens. Well, nothing happens that you can see. Somewhere, some lazy miscreant has tricked you into giving him (or her) your Bank of America username and password. And you can guess what he (or she) can do with that.

But if you look closely at the page above, and look at your browser's address bar, you see that the word before the dot com is not bankofamerica but spivey. Who the heck is spivey? Spivey was a bully at my grade school. We called him poison. He's now a guard at the landfill. Seriously, first, the site (a banking site) is not showing the secure lock. You don't see any identification in the address bar that this is Bank of America. None. And remember this: Only the name that appears right before the dot (.) is the domain name and that's what really matters.

So, for example, if you see the name before the dot com is Microsoft so it's a genuine Microsoft site (as long as it's spelled correctly). But if you see that's not Microsoft. And it doesn't matter if it's a dot com, a dot org, a dot net, a or any of the other designations, the name right before the .com, .net, .org, .tv, .info, etc. tells you the domain. If you see it's not a Dell domain and you should scurry away like a possum from a skunk. Or if you see, it's not Microsoft site - note the misspelling.

So, the address bar is more than just a place to type in the address of a web site you want to visit. It's a way to check that the site you're on is legitimate; that it's the site you want to be on - and the site you're supposed to be on.

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Cloudeight InfoAve Weekly - Issue #894
Volume 18 Number 5
November 27, 2020

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