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Welcome to our Halloween 2016 Stationery for Thunderbird Home Page.

Our new Thunderbird Halloween 2016 stationery collection contains 40 "spooktacular" designs. Many of the designs feature the art of our friend and artist/illustrator, Lewis Barrett Lehrman - the creator and curator of The Haunted Studio! Designs using Mr. Lehrman's artwork are prefixed "Haunted-Studio".

Cloudeight Stationery Halloween 2016 Stationery Collection can be downloaded as a zip file containing 40 stationery designs

Click here to download this collection.

If you are new to using stationery in Thunderbird, here is a page to teach you how to unzip the collection and access it with Thunderbird.

New to using Email Stationery in Thunderbird? Here is a page that teaches you how to use email stationery

In order to use Cloudeight Stationery for Thunderbird you'll need to install the stationery add-on. If we installed Thunderbird for you, you already have the stationery add-on, and you're ready to go!

Sample Stationery from  this collection - click to preview:

Halloween Fright Cat Wizard Halloween Fright Clock
Halloween Fright Fright Night Halloween Fright Gargoyle
Halloween Fright Goblin Halloween Fright Happy Cat
Halloween Fright Pumpkin Girl Halloween Fright Wicked Wall
Halloween Memories Ghost Pumpkin Halloween Memories Girl Cat
Halloween Memories Mummy Halloween Memories Scarecrow
Halloween Memories Spiders Halloween Memories Witches Brew
Halloween Memories Witchfly Halloween Memories Witch Fly Down
Haunted Studio 4 Buccaneer Bay Haunted Studio 4 Cat Manor
Haunted Studio 4 Ghosts of Black Mountain Haunted Studio 4 Pumpkin Seller
Haunted Studio 4 Pumpkin Time Haunted Studio 4 Sweets
Haunted Studio 4 The Bonfire Haunted Studio 4 The Haunted
Haunted Tyme Abandoned no More Haunted Tyme Bayou Phantom
Haunted Tyme Final Guest Haunted Tyme Ghost House
Haunted Tyme Halloween Nocturne Haunted Tyme Mysterious House
Haunted Tyme Things in the Night Haunted Tyme Witness
Pumpkins Batty Pumpkins Fangs
Pumpkins Furry Bat Pumpkins Halloween Things
Pumpkins Pumpkins Pumpkins Scary Tree
Pumpkins Skelton Pumpkins Spiders

Thank you so much for downloading, using, and sharing Cloudeight Stationery for Thunderbird. Be watching your inbox - we'll be releasing new Cloudeight Stationery for Thunderbird soon.

Artwork used in Cloudeight Stationery is used with permission of the artist.

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