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Killer Pumpkins

Cloudeight Stationery for Thunderbird!

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All stationery selections in this Cloudeight collection are based on original art by John Pelico. John's artwork takes you back in time before all the technologies and booming commercialism that is now Halloween, when decorations were limited to a simple jack-o-lantern, a bale of hay and a few stalks of corn. To a time when costumes were made with cardboard and glitter or maybe your mom’s old sheets. Please take a moment to visit John Pelico's "KillerPumpkins" online gallery by clicking here.

We hope you enjoy these Halloween stationery designs in our "Killer Pumpkins Halloween" stationery collection for Thunderbird.

Killer Pumpkins
Cloudeight Stationery for Thunderbird

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Cloudeight Stationery for Thunderbird

Chimney Creepers Crimson Dawn Dawns Early Fright
Grin Reaper Happy Faces Happy Holidays
Home Sweet Home Lone Road Petrified
Pumpkin Patch Pumpkin Pyre Red October
Ripe for the Harvest Safe in the Womb Skull Flakes

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How and Where to Download the Stationery Collection

If you are new to using stationery in Thunderbird, here is a page to teach you how to unzip the collection and access it with Thunderbird.

New to using Email Stationery in Thunderbird? Here is a page that shows you how to use Cloudeight email stationery for Thunderbird.

In order to use Cloudeight Stationery for Thunderbird you'll need to install the stationery add-on. If we installed Thunderbird for you, you already have the stationery add-on, and you're ready to go!

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