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Issue  #788
Volume 16 Number 5
November 16, 2018

Dear Friends,

Welcome to Cloudeight InfoAve Premium issue  #788. Thank you for subscribing and for being a part of our Cloudeight family. We appreciate your subscription and your support very much!

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Happy Thanksgiving from Darcy & TC!

It hardly seems possible that it's Thanksgiving time already. It seems the years pass by so quickly. But Thanksgiving is less than a week away, and Christmas won't be far behind. We wish you and those you love a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving. We're thankful for your friendship and the support you give us.  May you all have the opportunity to share your Thanksgiving with those you love.

Happy Thanksgiving from Darcy & TC!.

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Not Getting Our Newsletter Every Week?

Recently Gmail had a major update and some readers are reporting that they're finding our Cloudeight InfoAve Premium newsletter in the Gmail spam folder. If you're not getting your Premium newsletter every week, please read this article showing you how to make sure our newsletter goes to your inbox instead of your Gmail spam folder.

Thank you!

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Cloudeight InfoAve Premium - Reader's Comments

A comment from Coraetta
My Dearest Darcy I just have to say to you how grateful I am for you & your service & expertise. And I ask God to Bless you for how nice ,kind & thoughtful you are to me. These are not just words Darcy my HEART means every one!! Should I send my key to this one or your Direct?? My Best to you! And Have a Blessed Day...

A comment from Bonnie
Dear TC. I want to thank you so much for what you did today for cleaning up my computer. You did a super job. I think this is the third time I've had you and/or Darcy do it, I'm just amazed at how you two do your jobs on computers...If I need more help on my computer, it'll be you Kids I'll get to help me. I am computer illiterate, as you found out this morning. Thanks for all you did, God bless you and yours and Cloudeight.

A comment from Phil

You guys are great. I had an automatic senior session, I am 96 in 3 weeks’ time, arranged with Darcy to check out my computer but it turned out to be a face-to-face operation. I was pleased it did and also pleased I stayed online to watch what was going on. I was amazed to see how many items there were with an option to switch them on or off. Most of them that were on she switched off, which no doubt would help speed up my computer. I never knew these existed! She also attended to many other items. I now feel so much more confident with the operation of my computer. I made the usual payment for this service but as I was able to sit here and watch what was going on without disconnecting my computer and taking it to a (expensive) repair shop I have made a small additional donation. Thank you, Darcy. You and TC are doing a wonderful job but what I like most of all is the feeling of confidence I have in you both. Best wishes from down under (Australia) . Phil

A comment from Juanita
A big thank you for TC for working on and cleaning up my husband's computer. It was nice to know that for everything he had on it, that it was working well. It boots up much faster now and he is no longer talking about replacing it, at least for the moment!! He still is not sure that he wants Windows 10, likes his Windows 7, but how long will it still be supported? Thank you again, TC.

A comment from Mhairi
I Just wanted to write and thank you TC so much for your time and patience in setting up Ashampoo for me. As always it was a delight to watch you working and it all looks so easy! I have recommended your services to my friends and will continue to do so. Thanks to you both for all the wonderful information that you provide to us all. I look forward to both the weekly newsletter and the daily one. Have a lovely Thanksgiving with your family when the time comes.

A big Cloudeight "Thank you!" to Coraetta, Bonnie, Rodney, Juanita, Mhairi and everyone who took time out to write to us this week. We appreciate your kind words and your support very much! EB & TC

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Cloudeight Direct Anytime Support

Anytime Support is Available At No Extra Cost With Any of Our Annual Support Plans!

If you have a Cloudeight Direct SeniorPass or Season Ticket you are now eligible for Anytime Support at no extra cost!  All you have to do is request us to set up Anytime Support for you. We can schedule a time with you and setup "unattended access". It only takes about five minutes to set this up. Once this is done, we will be able to log on to your computer any time you need us - as long as your computer is on. You will not need to be sitting at your computer! And we'll be able to give priority scheduling on those who have Anytime Support set up. This service is included with your SeniorPass or Season Ticket at no extra charge! Ask us about this service.
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Here are some important links for you:
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Cloudeight InfoAve

Tony asks about Windows Live Essentials for Windows 10

A few months ago you posted a site where Windows Essentials/ Defender can be downloaded from. Can you advise me of the address? Thanks and Regards, Tony.

Our answer
Hi Tony. Windows Live Essentials is no longer supported by Microsoft and it never contained Windows Defender. Windows Defender comes with every Windows 10 Computer. To see its settings, type Defender in taskbar search and click on Windows Defender Settings when it appears in the search results at the top.

The article we wrote about Windows Live Essentials was only on how to download Windows Movie Maker (part of Live Essentials). You can read that article here.

Keep in mind that Windows Movie Maker is no longer supported by Microsoft, but we did test it on Windows 10 and it worked fine at the time we tested it.

We hope this clears things up for you.
.Cloudeight InfoAve Premium

Ruth's newsletter is going to her Thunderbird spam folder
My email is a Gmail account, however, I have it delivered through Thunderbird. Up until about 3 weeks ago, I've received my weekly newsletters without any problems. Now they are being sent to my Spam folder. Unfortunately, there is not a spot to indicate this is not spam. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks, Ruth

Our answer
Hi Ruth. Here are some options for you:

1. Log in to Gmail on the web, look in the  spam folder. If you see our newsletter in the spam folder, right-click on it and click "Not spam". This automatically takes the email out of the spam folder and moves it to your Gmail inbox.  See our article here if you can't find the spam folder after you log in to Gmail.

2. Try adding our email address that we use to send the email, to your contact list/address book. The address we send the newsletter from is

cloudeight-news /@/ 

And here's a temporary solution you can use in Thunderbird:   Just drag the newsletter from the Thunderbird spam folder to your Thunderbird inbox.

We hope this helps you, Ruth.

Cloudeight InfoAve Premium

Vincent's computer won't boot
My computer crashed when I installed new mouse software (corsair), windows will not boot up. My computer shop locally recovered files, but could not get pc to load windows. I am willing to pay to get it going! I hope to get new pc to transfer things over - but some programs need to transfer too if possible - do you think you can help?

Our answer
Hi Vincent. Once your computer tech had recovered your files, he or she should have done a factory reset on your computer. That would have reset your computer back to the way it was the day you purchased it and it would have been bootable.

In order for us to help you, with our Cloudeight Direct Computer Care service, you need to be able to:

1. Boot in to Windows (at least be able to boot to Safe Mode with networking).
2. Be connected to the internet.

In our years of experience, transferring programs from one computer to another never works as expected. Most programs have registry entries, DLLs and other files and dependencies that have to be moved along with the program. Most programs that are sold to move programs from one PC to another generally tend to make a mess of things. Reinstalling programs is easy and produces better results. We can help move files to a new computer (it has to be done correctly or you'll end up with a mess. But we do not move programs.

Windows 10 can be downloaded free and installed without a product key on a computer on which Windows 10 has previously been installed (you can also upgrade from Windows 7 or Windows 8 free as well). You can do a factory reset yourself (instructions will be on the computer manufacturer's website). Or ask your computer tech to do the factory reset or for you.

Here are two ways you can try to boot into Windows.

1. Make sure the computer is powered off. Hold down the SHIFT key and power on the computer while you continue to hold down the SHIFT key. You should get the Advanced Boot Menu  - see this page for more info. On the Advanced Boot Menu you'll have option to troubleshoot and fix Windows.

2. If you have access to another PC you can follow the instructions on this page to create a Windows 10 Installation DVD. You can used that DVD to boot your computer and reinstall Windows 10. If Windows 10 has previously been installed on that device, you won't need a product key.

Once you get your computer to boot up and get Windows running and you're connected to the internet - we can help you get things set up correctly and move your files back the right way so they're all where they should be.

Cloudeight InfoAve Premium

Ron has problems finding Gmail's Spam folder
Hi Darcy/ Thank you for the rapid response and instructions. I did as you said, and found no Spam folder at all in my account at

In my Outlook contacts I have Cloudeight's Gmail and, now, the netAtlantic address. I am totally puzzled why there is no Spam folder at now in my Outlook array for my ****** account. Any other ideas? Thanks! Ron

Our answer
Hi Ron. Gmail is the same for everyone and Gmail does have a spam folder. Be sure you clicked "more" at the bottom of the folder list on the left hand side after you log in to Here's a screen shot to help you.

Cloudeight InfoAve Premium

When you click on “More” you’ll see more folders and items, one of them will be your Gmail Spam folder. See below:

Cloudeight InfoAve Premium Newsletter
Open the Gmail spam folder. Look for Cloudeight InfoAve Premium in that folder. If you see it, right-click on it and mark it “Not spam”. From then on it shouldn’t go back into the spam folder — unless Gmail has a major update again.

As far as Outlook goes, if Gmail is set up properly in Outlook, you should see the Gmail spam folder there as well.

Hope this helps you.

Ron wrote back: "Thanks for pushing me a little. I was totally unfamiliar with the Gmail website and today learned how to dig deep into the folder categories, and there they (the two missing newsletters) were! I registered them as NOT SPAM and they were immediately sent to my Outlook Gmail folder. I also found the Spam folder in my Outlook Gmail folders. Thanks, Darcy, for helping me like this. Problem solved, but it makes me wonder why those two most recent newsletters went to a Spam folder after receiving them OK for years. Perhaps it was due to an update, as you suggested. –Ron"

Cloudeight InfoAve Premium

Don wants to get rid of Ad Choices
How can I get rid of Ad Choices (preferably for free)? How can I make sure it stays gone?
Thank you!

Our answer
Hi Don. First we want to tell you about Ad Choices, what it is, and what those ads mean to smaller sites like ours.

Ad Choices are ads that are served to websites by Google's AdSense ad server. While you certainly may see them on some major sites, many smaller sites like ours rely on them for extra income. Ad Choices (Google ads) help us pay some of our server costs and server maintenance expenses.

We wanted you to know that many small sites, especially mom & pop type sites rely on Ad Choices for income. I would venture to say some freeware is only free because of these kinds of ads. We've seen many freeware sites and freeware developers turn to malware/PUP bundling to help defray the cost of being online. And declining ad revenue is the major reason all of us are seeing:

1. So much software bundling - where legit freeware is bundled with PUPs or malware
2. A decline in the number of really good freeware programs available and the reduced number of new useful freeware
3. A drastic decline in the number of small, useful or informative mom and pop sites, like ours. When we say that hundreds of websites that started around the same time we did (1998) are no longer around - we're not exaggerating.

We know ads are annoying - that's why we don't allow floating ads, flashing ads or ads that cover up the content on our site. All the ads on our site are on the side of the page and are labeled as advertisements.

You can closes any Ad Choices ad by clicking the X in the top-right corner:

Cloudeight InfoAve Premium

We just wanted to give you some food for thought before telling you about a free ad blocker that blocks ads, but also makes it easy to allow some sites to show ads. It's called Privacy Badger. It's from the Electronic Frontier Foundation. It's an excellent free program that you can easily adjust to allow ads to show from the sites you choose to support and block ads from those you don't want to support. Or to block all Ad Choices ads everywhere. You can read more about Privacy Badger here.

Cloudeight InfoAve Premium

Leslie is having problems with Corel PaintShop Pro
I know you don't fix particular programs, but maybe my problem is a general one within windows. When I try to use a particular plugin in Paint Shop Pro 2019, I get the message:

Memory Access Violation
Filtermeister Run Time Exception
ds = 0X002B

Is there some fix that would be associated with Windows? Or would this be just associated with PSP? Thanks for any info. Best, Leslie.

Our answer

Hi Leslie. The problem is Corel (or the plugin) and not Windows. Ever since Corel bought Jasc and PaintShop Pro, it seems to have had a litany of problems - especially with Windows 10. And there's no reason why Corel can't update its programs to work with the latest versions of Windows 10. They have access to future versions of Windows 10 at least 6 months before the versions are released to the public. So they have months to make sure their software remains compatible with all currently supported versions of Windows and Windows 10.

The reason we know that it's almost certainly problem with PaintShop Pro is because we have had dozens of people having problems with Corel software, particularly PaintShop Pro on Windows 10. It seems every time a new version of Windows 10 is released, we get more complaints about PSP not working right. In your case, since you get a memory space error when using a plugin -the problem may also be the plugin you're using.

The only suggestion we can make that you can try is this to use Compatibility mode. While it is generally used to help older programs work with Windows 10, it may work for you in this case. Here's what you can try:

1. Right-click on the PSP shortcut icon

2. Choose "Properties"

3. In Properties choose "Compatibility"

4. Under "Compatibility mode" tick the box next o "Run the program in compatibility mode for"

5. Click the down arrow under that and select an older operating system.

6: Click Apply/OK

See the screenshot below:
Cloudeight InfoAve Premium Newsletter

This does work sometimes, but not always. It's something you can try since it only takes a few seconds.

You're best bet is to try Corel support, even though most of the time (we hear), they blame Windows for their problems.

That's my opinion. But it's a fact that we see many complaints from our readers about Corel products - especially PaintShop Pro. And remember - it's not Microsoft's job to ensure compatibility with Corel software, it's Corel's responsibility to its customers to make software that's compatible with Microsoft Windows.

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Cloudeight InfoAve Premium -Tips & Tricks

Windows 10 October Update Has Finally Been Released
Windows 10 (all versions)

This week (November 13, 2018) Microsoft finally re-released the long-awaited October 2018 (Windows 10 Version 1809) update.

Windows 10 version 1809 (Windows 10 October Update) was originally released on October 2, 2018 and then quickly pulled from the Microsoft servers on October 6, 2018 due to a major bug with the update that wiped out users' personal files. Not all users were affected (1 % says Microsoft), but enough people were affected to cause Microsoft to withdraw the update for almost six weeks while they worked to iron out all the bugs.

In a blog post, Microsoft's John Cable, the director of Program Management for Windows Servicing and Delivery, confirms that the data-destroying bug that caused Microsoft to yank the update from its download servers and Windows Update channel has been fixed. He also confirmed that other major bugs and quality issues that were discovered during the hiatus, have also been "thoroughly investigated and resolved."

So, finally, in the middle of November, the Windows 10 October 2018 Update has been released. Luckily it has another name - Windows 10 Version 1809 - which seems more appropriate here in the middle of November.

Windows 10 Version 1809 (October 2018 Update) is finally available, but you may have to wait a while for it if you want to get it via Windows Update. In the aforementioned blog post, Cable also noted that it may be some time before users get the update.

"...As with all Windows releases, we will continue to carefully study the results, feedback and diagnostic data before we begin offering the update in phases to more devices in the coming weeks and months..."

If you want to get the update sooner, rather than later, you can use the Windows 10 Update Assistant to download and upgrade to Windows 10 Version 1809 (October 2018 Update). We are not recommending that you do this - nor are we telling you not to upgrade. We are keeping you informed.

But we certainly hope that after almost 6 weeks of "fixing" that this time the update is as free from problems and major bugs as any major update can ever be.

Cloudeight InfoAve Premium

What to Do If Your Laptop Computer Won't Boot
A Windows tip submitted by Cloudeight subscriber Mildred
Windows 7, Windows 8x, Windows 10 (all versions)

"This morning my laptop computer would not boot into Windows. First time it did show the desktop but world not do anything. Shut it down manually with the power button. Second time only got the blue screen of death,. Shut it down and restarted but got the same thing the next time. Fourth time got the desktop but nothing worked and after an hour or so the circle was still spinning. Manually shut it down again. THEN remembered a trick that had worked for me numerous times on my laptops through the years.

Here is my trick to fix:

* Shut down using the power button - wait until all power lights are off.
* Unplug from electric and unplug all other connections such as your mouse,  USB flash drives, printers, external drives, etc.
* Remove battery (if your battery is removable)
* Wait at least 2 minutes.
* Reinstall battery (if you removed it)
* Plug laptop into electrical power.
* Push the power button. Your  computer should now boot up.  If not repeat each step in order. Be patient and don't rush.
* Be sure all is loaded and you can see all icons.
* If all is well, plug in your mouse (if you use one), external drives, printer, etc.  and allow each to connect before adding another one.

Hope you can share this for all the laptop users and hope it helps. Sure a lot easier than reloading or trying to fix windows..."

Consider it done, Mildred! Thanks so much for sharing your experience and your tip with us all. Darcy & TC

Cloudeight InfoAve Premium
How to See a List of All User Accounts on Your Computer
Windows 7, Windows 8x, Windows 10

If you want to see all the User Accounts on your computer – including all those enabled and usable and those that are not, do this:

Open a command prompt: On Windows 10 and Windows 8.1, press the Windows Key + X to open the Power menu and choose “Command Prompt”. If you see PowerShell on Windows 10 instead of Command Prompt, type CMD in taskbar search and press Enter. On Windows 7, type CMD in the start menu search and click it when CMD appears at the top.

Type the following command, exactly as shown,( or copy & paste it) at the prompt it the Command Prompt window:


Cloudeight InfoAve Premium

Cloudeight InfoAve Premium Newsletter

Here is some stuff you’ll probably want to know:

The first account listed is the Windows built-in administrator account (also called the Super Administrator account). It’s disabled by default, and unless you have some good reason to enable it, you should leave it disabled.

The second account listed is the system default account. And you know this because it says “A user account managed by the system.” In Windows 10 this account sometimes manages Windows Technical Previews.

The last account listed is usually the account you use to log in to your computer.

Here’s some info to help you understand some of the arcane stuff:

indicates normal or regular accounts.

This tells you whether or not the account is active or not.

This tells you whether you have authority to change the password of the account. True means you do, and false means you don’t.

If you see Status=Degraded, it means the account is not currently enabled.

Now you know how to show a listing of all User accounts on your computer.
Cloudeight InfoAve Premium

Quick and Easy Chrome Tricks You Might Have Missed
Windows 7, Windows 8x, Windows 10 (all versions) and Chrome browser installed

Whether you call these tips or tricks, they’re good ones. And no one likes quick and simple tips and tricks more than we do. It came to my attention just recently that clicking on the Settings (3 vertical dots) icon in Google Chrome’s omnibar (toolbar) then “More tools” reveals some very useful options.

Cloudeight InfoAve Premium Newsletter

Create a desktop shortcut to a Web page

Chrome allows you to save an entire web page to your hard drive. Click on the 3 vertical dot icon, then click “More tools” and choose “Save page as”. Chrome will download the entire page and all its assets and contents (pictures, etc.) to a folder on your computer; from there you can view the page anytime you want, even if you’re offline.

Save an entire web page to your computer

Visit a page you want to create a shortcut for, then click on the 3 vertical dots at the top-right of Chrome. Select “More tools” and choose “Create shortcut”. A shortcut to the webpage you’re visiting will be instantly placed on your desktop. How’s that for quick and easy?

Clear your Chrome browsing data

Here’s one I have been overlooking for a long time. To clear your Chrome browsing data (history), click on the 3 vertical dots icon at the top-right of Chrome, then “More tools” then choose “Clear browsing data”.


Click on More tools > Extensions. This opens Chrome extensions where you can view, enable, disable and remove any or your Chrome extensions.

Open Chrome’s task manager

Did you know that Chrome has its own task manager? It does! And if you want to see how much juice (resources) all those extensions you’ve added to Chrome are using – along with how much juice Chrome is using, then Chrome’s task manager can show you. Click on the 3 vertical dots at the top-right of Chrome, then “More tools” then click on “Task manager”. Not only can you see how much Chrome and each extension is using, but you can also end any process you see in Chrome’s Task manager.

Cloudeight InfoAve Premium Newsletter
Cloudeight InfoAve Premium

Want more computer tips & tricks?

More Windows 10 Windows Key Shortcuts (in  a downloadable PDF file)

Should You Restart or Log Off?

We have thousands of Windows tips, tricks and more on our InfoAve web site.  Come see for yourself
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Cloudeight InfoAve Premium -Tips & Tricks

Squoosh Your Images

With smartphone cameras, digital cameras and digital SLRs producing higher and higher resolution photos, the images they produce keep getting bigger and bigger. And sometimes if you want to share those images with friends or family - or just store them- it would be nice if you could squoosh or compress them to make them smaller files without reducing the image size or quality. That's where Squoosh can help.

Cloudeight Site Pick
Above: Google’s new Squoosh app open in our Chrome browser on one of our Windows 10 PCs.

You can drag and drop – or select an image from your computer and squoosh it without ruining the clarity of your photos. There are a lot of advance options. Besides making the image smaller (file size) you can also use Google’s Squoosh to resize image sizes by pixels. Take a 1920 x 1080 image and make it 800 x 450 or whatever size you like. Squoosh will make sure when you resize the image by pixels that it’s proportionate.

But the really great thing about Squoosh is its ability to reduce the file size ( Mb, Kb,) so effortlessly. Squoosh shows your image with a vertical dividing line down the middle. The life side shows your original image, the right sides shows the image “squooshed”.

For example: I took a desktop wallpaper photo that was 469 Kb (1920 pixels x 1080 pixels) and squooshed it to 60. 1 Kb (1920 x 1080) with no visible loss of quality.

Cloudeight InfoAve Site Pick
Above: The original image. Click here to see the full size (1920 x 1080) image 469 Kb.

Cloudeight Site Pick
Above: The “squooshed” image. Click here to see the full size (1920 x 1080) squooshed image – 60.1 Kb. That’s an 87 % reduction.

Imagine how much storage space you can save on your computer, flash drive, smartphone or wherever else you store photos if you could squoosh them 80% or more without losing any visible quality.

It’s very easy to use Squoosh. Drag and drop an image – or select an image- to open it in Google’s Squoosh app. The standard compression is MozJPEG, but you can pick from other compression standards such as OptiPNG, Google’s own WebP, Browser PNG, Browser JPG, Browser WebP and more.

You adjust the level of compression with a small slider. Another slider appearing on the image, can be moved left or right showing you the effects of the selected compression. There are more advanced options and features available, but we happy with the default settings. We’ll tell you this – it’s easier to use Squoosh than to try to describe it!

The best way to see how Squoosh can work for you is to go try it out. Visit Squoosh right now — and have some images ready. We think you’ll to be amazed. 

Cloudeight InfoAve Premium

Cloudeight Direct Get Ready for Winter Cleanup

Cloudeight Direct Computer Care  - Get Ready For Winter Checkup

Winter is coming is coming and we're all going to be using our computers more. Let us make sure your computer is ready for those long, cold winter nights.

When you order our Get Ready For Winter Computer Checkup:

  • We'll check your computer for malware and questionable programs
  • We'll check your startup programs and optimize them
  • We'll check your computer performance to make sure your RAM and CPU usage are within normal ranges
  • We'll check your hard drive for errors
  • We'll review your installed programs
  • If you're using Emsisoft, we'll make sure it's set up for best protection & performance
  • We'll make sure your computer is ready for the long winter nights ahead!

You'll get all of the above for just $25. This offer is good for a limited time!

Get Ready for Winter! Get all the details here.

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Cloudeight InfoAve Premium - Essays , Rants, etc.

A Time to Give Thanks

Some days it doesn’t feel like I have a lot to be thankful for. The trouble with getting older is everything you remember is painted with the brushes of the past. Those brushes, the echoes and reflections of the past color everything I do today. And sometimes the colors of my memories of moments long past are dull and lifeless and even forlorn – if you can even imagine such colors.

It’s hard to imagine, but I’m sure that when the moments now in my memory were being made the colors probably were bright, dazzling, vibrant and eye-catching. The grass was greener, the autumn leaves were redder, the sky was bluer, the sun was brighter, the days were longer, the seasons shorter, back in the days when my lifetime stretched before me like an endless highway – a highway so long that it disappeared into the horizon. With forever before me, my choices were infinite and unlimited.

It’s funny how life catches up with you. As John Lennon so aptly said “...Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans…

Now the road that once stretched forever before me, is much shorter and I feel the weight of time slowing me down. My choices are limited not by my imagination but by the constraints of age and the world around me.

My dreams though, are more numerous and more vivid than ever. In my dreams I am ageless and I relive the moments of the past without limits, without age, without constraints. And whether those dreams be good or bad, heavenly or hellish, I am ageless...

Read the rest of this essay here.

Cloudeight InfoAve Premium

Reg Organizer: Cloudeight recommended and endorsed.

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Reg Organizer - A Swiss Army Knife of Windows Tools - Works Great on Windows 10!
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Cloudeight InfoAve Premium - Back to Basics

Take a Byte

TB stands for terabyte; GB stands for gigabyte; MB stands for megabyte; and KB stands for kilobyte. EB stands for Eightball -  and she has an overbite.

A byte is a single bit of information. A zero; a one, an on, an off -- you know just arcane geeky stuff like that.

A kilobyte is 1024 bytes. A megabyte is 1,024,000 bytes. A gigabyte is 1,073,741,824 bytes. A terabyte is 1,099,511,627,776 bytes. That's generally the accepted definition. However, when talking about storage devices like hard drives and external drives, it gets a little simpler. For this purpose a kilobyte is 1000 bytes, a megabyte is 1,000,000 bytes, and a gigabyte is 1,000,000,000 and a terabyte is 1,000,000,000,000 bytes.

And now, before we byte off more than we can chew, we're going to end this right here so we don't take up more bytes on your hard drive.
Cloudeight InfoAve Premium

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Thunderbird Email Setup: Thunderbird is a great email program that you can use with your Gmail and (Hotmail) web mail accounts as well as with your Internet provider's email. We'll set it up right for you. Our set up includes configuring up to 3 emails accounts and setting up Thunderbird to use stationery (if desired). Our Thunderbird Email Setup Service is always a great deal. For more information visit this page.

Reg Organizer 8.20: Reg Organizer is the Swiss Army Knife of Windows tools. It's far more than just a registry optimizer and cleaner... it's Windows all-in-one toolkit. Helps you keep your computer in tip-top shape and helps solve annoying Windows problems. Reg Organizer works great with Windows 10 too! Get more information about Reg Organizer (and get our special discount prices) here.

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