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Issue   #808
Volume 16 Number 24
April 5, 2019

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Cloudeight InfoAve Premium - Reader's Comments

A comment from Dianne C.
Thanks TC and EB for doing a great job on my PC. I have been receiving your news letter for a number of years and have learned a lot from them. I am a senior and have been on the internet since 2001. My son builds computers and built my first computer as a Christmas gift. At that time, I told him, he i was wasting his money because I would hardly use it. Since then I have had him build a computer every 2 -3 yrs. I have taught myself how to make good videos and have 3 YouTube channels. I also make posters for my other 2 sons that have a classic rock band and play a lot of shows. I also have my 96 years young mother playing games on my computer. she loves it.

Pearl recommended Cloudeight on Facebook
Pearl recommends Cloudeight Internet: "They can fix your computer in your home from their location while you watch. No need to unplug everything and take it to some shop. Their newsletters are full of instructions that are easy to follow. Try them."

Gail recommended Cloudeight on Facebook
Gail recommends Cloudeight Internet. "They have helped me so much with tips and the repairs they do are awesome. Love these two people. They always offer up to date information via their newsletters and all products they recommend have been tested by them."

A comment from Diane T.
I just had a wonderful Cloudeight session with Darcy. She removed start up programs I didn't even know were there. Installed my Emsisoft and now my laptop will be running as it should. I trust EB and Darcy and tell my friends all the time about their computer sessions. I will always use them for my computer issues and use Emsisoft on my laptops. Thank you Darcy for squeezing me in Sat. AM. It went quick and I enjoy chatting a bit with her, even though she was bragging a bit about her nicer weather than ours in the U.P. of Michigan...we had snow and felt like -3. Diane T.
A big Cloudeight "Thank you!" to Dianne C., Pearl, Gail, Diane T. and everyone who took time out to write to us and/or shared us on Facebook! We appreciate your kind words and your support very much! EB & TC. 

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Chet pays too much for a simple Windows 10 Reset
My Dell desktop froze when an update to Windows 10 began. I took my computer to Best Buy who got it taken care of (at my $200.00 expense). All seems to be in order and nothing missing except that my Emsisoft icon is no longer on my desktop! I paid Emsisoft and still have time left on my purchase.

My question is, how can I get Emsisoft back on my desktop w/o having to buy it again? I don't have my license key or password.

Our answer
Hi Chet. That is an incredibly high price to pay for something, considering new computers are in the $300-$400 range. The "fix" was a simple Windows 10 Reset that took all of 10 minutes of manpower.

If this ever happens again, and you cannot get into windows, just turn off your computer at the switch and wait a few minutes. Then while holding down the SHIFT key, turn it back on and continue to hold down the SHIFT key until you see the Windows 10 Advanced Boot Menu. From that menu, you can select Troubleshoot and reset your computer from there if necessary. See our article on the Windows 10 Advanced Boot Menu here.  If that does not work and you can't get into windows, it's a good idea to create a boot USB drive or a boot DVD. If you can't boot into Windows, you can use the boot media you created to get into Windows.

Hope this helps.

Cloudeight InfoAve Premium

Robert buys a Lenovo computer and now they want to sell him a Wi-Fi Security & a VPN service
I am not a big fan of Lenovo's but they had a deal on a nice "Ideapad320" (8GB RAM 1TB Hard drive) that I couldn't pass up a month ago. I did one of their "system check-ups" on the laptop today and it said my device's security is well protected by Emsisoft's Anti-Malware and Window's Firewall. They of course recommended McAfee which we all know is like a "snake in the grass." One thing the security scan did point out is what was termed a "lack of Wi-Fi security". Of course then they try to sell you on their partner's Wi-Fi Security (Coronet) program and/or a VPN purchased through them. I know all of it is garbage (my term); but if the machines using the Wi-Fi are already protected by Emsisoft, there is no need for a separate Wi-Fi Security is there?

Our answer
Hi Robert. It's funny how some people will start making up fairy tales to frighten people into buying something. It's all about the money. PC manufacturers are famous for low-balling the price of computers then trying to add profit by selling unnecessary extras. That's why some computers come loaded with bloatware and trialware.

A VPN is not going to prevent someone from attacking your wireless network (your router). Your wireless network is protected by WPA2 encryption. All modern routers support WPA2. WPA2 is used on all certified Wi-Fi hardware since 2006 and is based on the IEEE 802.11i technology standard for data encryption.

When WPA2 is enabled, anyone else within range of the network might be able to see the Wi-Fi traffic, but it will be scrambled with the most up-to-date encryption standards. And this, your network is protected.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It does not protect the Wi-Fi traffic between devices in your home and your wireless router. It still depends on your ISP's internet connection service to work. A VPN works like this:

Home Wi-Fi network > ISP > VPN Server > Internet (web sites, etc.)

Emsisoft protects you and your computer from malware, viruses, ransomware, PUPs and all manner of nasty things you might encounter on the Web, but it does not protect your Wi-Fi connection; it is an antivirus and antimalware.

Make sure you're using WPA2 protection on your router to protect your home network, and don't be tricked into buying a VPN thinking it's going to make your home network secure.

VPNs can be useful in some situations, but VPNs do not prevent identity theft - no matter what anyone says. Over 90% of identity theft occurs when people are tricked into giving up their usernames, passwords, bank account numbers, credit card numbers, and other highly personal information. And no VPN in this world is going to prevent you from getting tricked. The only program that's going to do that is YOB - You Own Brain.

Hope this helps!

Cloudeight InfoAve Premium

Carol wants to know if she should install Emsisoft Browser Security
I have been getting a pop-up window from Emsisoft which says: "We have added capabilities to protect you from malware distributing websites and phishing attempts. To enable, please install the browser security extension in your browser."

Should I install this or not? Want to be sure it is ok. Thanks, Carol.

Our answer
Hi Carol. If you see a popup to install the Emsisoft Browser Security Extension, it is from Emsisoft and it is genuine. You have the choice to install it or not and if you don't want to see it again, you have the choice to never see be asked to install it again. It’s a free browser extension and it will remain free according to Emsisoft.

Emsisoft Browser Security Extension is a  free browser extension from Emsisoft. Basically, it checks the web site’s address against a constantly updated database of known phishing sites. This provides you with an extra layer of protection that goes beyond the Surf Protection already provided by Emsisoft Anti-Malware.

If you want to read more about the Emsisoft Browser Security Extension, please see our article here.

Cloudeight InfoAve Premium

Jaci wants to know what comes first - the printer of the driver software package
I have a HP deskjet 2050 j510. I just bought a Dell computer with Windows 10. I found the HP website for downloading the latest and official version of drivers for HP Deskjet 2050 All-in-One Printer series - J510. This driver package is available for 32 and 64 bit PCs. It is compatible with the following Operating Systems: Windows 10 (32-bit), Windows 10 (64-bit) ...

Do I hook up my printer first or do I download the driver first? Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. Jaci B

Our answer
Hi Jaci. If the printer is set up and ready to go (i.e. ink & paper is loaded). Here's what you need to do.

1. Do not attempt to connect the printer to a computer until instructed to do so by the printer setup software.
2. Plug the printer into the power supply
3. Install the printer software
4. Follow the instructions during the software installation, it will tell you when it's ready to connect your printer.

Hope this helps you, Jaci.

Cloudeight InfoAve Premium

Eberhard upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 for free & without a hitch
Hello. A few days ago I finally decided to follow your sage advice and upgraded from Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10 Pro online - STILL COMPLETELY FREE! And, just as you described, the entire process proceeded smooth as silk: NO alarms, NO hang-ups, NO hiccups and my only participation was clicking ‘Accept’ twice. Thank you very much for your advice and most helpful description of the process.

Now, however, I’m wondering: To be on the safe side, do I need to create a Windows 10 ‘Startup’ disk, a ‘Recovery’ disk, a ‘Repair’ disk, a ‘Restore’ disk, or a …?

This issue may have been discussed previously and I just missed it. Again, thank you all so much for your always helpful and always welcome advice and valuable information.

Our answer
Hi Eberhard. Thanks so much for your nice comments. We're glad all worked well for you.

Since Windows 10 has so many recovery options like System Reset and Fresh start you're pretty well protected. But if you want an extra safety net, you can create Windows installation media, either a DVD or a USB, both of which are bootable and contain troubleshooting options too.

So, there is no reason anymore for making anything more than a Windows 10 installation USB flash drive or DVD. The installation media services as a "rescue" disk, a "restore" disk, boot media, "recovery" disk, etc.

See our instructions for making Windows 10 installation media here.

Hope this helps!

Cloudeight InfoAve Premium

Audrey wants to play movies on her Windows 10 computer
I would like to play movies on my computer but cannot find out what to do. I found out some places to install but was just afraid to do this. Could and would you please help me to do this. Looked for info on the computer but could not find any thing. As usual I look to you for help as you always have always helped me on any problem I have. Appreciate this so much, thank you for what you can do for me.

Our answer
Hi Audrey. I'm not sure what you're asking. Are you asking for a safe place to download movies or safe program that will play movies you've downloaded?

There are many, many, unsafe places to download movies from; have you considered streaming movies from Amazon Prime, Netflix or one of the other major streaming services?

If you're talking about a multimedia player to play movies on your computer, you can't do much better than VLC Media Player - it's free, open-source and plays all kinds of media files. You can read more about VLC and/or download it from the following link:

Please let me know if this answers your question or if you need more help.

Audrey wrote back: "Sorry but I did not know what to ask for. The worked for me and now I can watch my old movies. I tried to get some on Netflix etc. but they did not list any of them or I should say some of them. Again you fixed me up and just want to say thank you so much. Videolan was easy to learn what to do and how to do it. Thanks every so much you are the greatest. Take care, Audrey"

Cloudeight InfoAve Premium

Roy wants to know how to enable his Windows 10 touch screen
Good morning. I was wondering if you could tell me where I should go to re-enable the touch screen feature on my personal computer. Not sure what happened or what I did or didn’t do or if it came down as part of an automatic upgrade that happens occasionally to the system.

If you would please let me know, as I am baffled as to where to go to enable it again, did not think I used it that much till today when I turned on the system and it did not function. I know that it did work on this personal computer.

Any directions or help is greatly appreciated. Have a good day, Roy

Our answer
Hi Roy. Here's how to Enable your touchscreen in Windows 10

1. Right-click your Windows 10 Start button (or use the Windows key + X shortcut).
2. Click on Device Manager.
3. Select the arrow next to Human Interface Devices.

Cloudeight InfoAve Premium

4. Select HID-compliant touch screen from the list.

Cloudeight InfoAve Premium

5. Select the Action tab at the top of the window (as above).

Cloudeight InfoAve Premium

6. Select Enable device from the drop-down menu and confirm.

Hope this helps!

Cloudeight InfoAve Premium

Make Windows 10 look and work like Windows 7

We'll make your Windows 10 computer look and work more like Windows 7. The end of Windows 7 is coming on January 14, 2020. Using Windows 7 after that date may put your computer at risk as Microsoft will no longer be sending security updates and fixes for it.   Whether you upgrade your Windows 7 to Windows 10 (still free) or buy a new Windows 10 computer, we can make you feel right at home on Windows 10 with our Windows Transformation service. We can take your Windows 10 computer
and make it look like this:


Above: Windows 10 or Windows 7?

Both screenshots are of a Windows 10 computer. It looks very much like a Windows 7 computer doesn't it?  

With our Windows 10 Transformation service, we will:
  1. Change the start menu back to Windows 7 classic style and include your favorite programs
  2. Change your taskbar and start menu colors to your preferences
  3. Add an authentic Windows 7 start button
  4. Add Windows 7 Wallpaper (if desired)
  5. Change Windows 10 File Explorer so it works more like Windows 7's Windows Explorer
  6. Add My Computer to your desktop (if desired)
Regular price is $35 - but during this introductory period,  we'll make your computer work and look very much like Windows 7 for just $25.  Buy now and use later! Our Windows 10 Transformation service keys are good until you use them. Get yours now, save $10, and get the peace of mind of knowing when you change to Windows 10 your learning curve will be a whole lot easier.   And if you're currently using Windows 10 and like what you see in the screenshots above, we can transform your Windows 10 PC for you too.

Save $10 and get your Windows 10 Transformation Service Key right now!

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Cloudeight InfoAve Premium -Tips & Tricks

Windows 10 (all versions)

Cloudeight InfoAve Windows Tips and Tricks

Above,  you can see what is known as the Win Key + X menu. It’s the menu you see on Windows 10 when you press the Windows Key + the X key (or right-click the Windows 10 start button if you prefer). 

If you look closely you’ll see every item on that menu has one underlined letter. So, what you do think will happen if you press the letter on your keyboard that corresponds to the underlined letter in that menu.

We all like to save time. And most of us are in a hurry too much of the time. So, here’s a question for you: Have you ever noticed the underlined items in some Windows menus? You did? Well, you are in the minority. Most of us don’t notice them, or if we do, we don’t pay any attention to them. But today, you’re all going to notice them and learn what you can do with them, as we are going to have… underline fun!

For example, you can see I’ve circled the underlined letter “O” in Power Options in the screenshot above. Now, if I have this menu open and I press the letter O on my keyboard, what happens? Right! Power Options opens.

Now, EB smarty-pants… what happens if I have this menu open and tap the letter “m” on my keyboard. RIGHT  EB! Device Manager opens.

Other programs use underlined letters as shortcuts too.

Cloudeight InfoAve Windows Tips and Tricks

Above you'll see at the Firefox “Tools” menu -- yes the gray dingy looking thing.

So, EB, what happens if I open that menu in Firefox and tap the “D” key on my keyboard? RIGHT AGAIN, EB!  The Downloads folder opens. You are one smart cookie no matter what Sponge Bob says!

Now everyone knows what underlines mean and how  they can save time by jumping to a menu item by tapping the letter underlined in the menu on the keyboard.

Next time you have a menu open, look for the underlined letters. Now that you know what they do, you can have some underline fun and save some time too.

Bonus tip! Want to get to the Ease of Access settings more quickly? Hold down the Windows Key and tap the U key.

Cloudeight InfoAve Premium

Who Am I, User Accounts and a bonus tip
Windows 10 (also works on Windows 7 and Windows 8)

How do you know what user account you’re logged into? Open a command prompt. In Windows 10 type CMD in taskbar search and press Enter when Command prompt appears.

At the prompt type  WHOAMI  (as in who am I). Windows will respond with your computer name and your user account. It may be different than what you think. My main user account on this computer, named Sydney 28 (don’t ask me why) is thunder, even though Thunder Cloud is the user name displayed on my log in screen.

Cloudeight Windows 10 Tips and Tricks

If you want to see a list of all the accounts on your computer, open an Administrator Command prompt this way:

Type CMD in taskbar search. When Command prompt appears at the top of the search results, right-click on it and choose “Run as administrator” from the right-click menu.

In the Command window at the prompt type:


And press Enter.

You’ll see all the accounts on your computer, including the hidden ones.

Cloudeight Windows 10 Tips & Tricks

You might be wondering what some of those accounts are. I created “BeMyGuest”, Jupiter, rainc, Reddington and thunder (Thunder Cloud) but the rest were created by Windows. If you have an inquiring mind, you probably want to know why they are there.  OK here’s some info on that.

WDAGUtilityAccount: Microsoft defines the “WDAGUtilityAccount” this way: “this account is part of the Windows Defender Application Guard which came with the Fall Creators Update (version 1709). This account is left disabled unless it (Windows Defender Application Guard) is enabled on your device.”

DefaultAccount –  It’s probably not what you think it is. It’s not your default user account. According to Microsoft’s arcane definition: “The DefaultAccount, also known as the Default System Managed Account (DSMA), is a built-in account introduced in Windows 10 version 1607 and Windows Server 2016. The DMSA is a well-known user account type. It is a user-neutral account that can be used to run processes that are either multi-user aware or user-agnostic…” hmmm!

Administrator – this is the famous, so-called hidden Super Administrator account. And while it does have some important uses, you should never enable it and leave it enabled. If you want to enable it to try it, you can do so this way:

Open an Administrator Command prompt and type:


Now press Enter. You’ll get a message that “The command has completed successfully”

Once you’ve enabled it, to use it you’ll need to log out of your account and log into the “Super Administrator” account.

Don’t forget to turn it off when you’re done experimenting: Open an administrator Command prompt and type:


Press Enter. You should see “The command completed successfully”.

Cloudeight InfoAve Premium

Windows 7 Users Will Soon Start Seeing a Windows 7 End-of-Life Notification
Windows 7

Many of you are still using Windows 7 – and that’s fine. You still have until January 2020 to use Windows 7 safely. This is a heads up for all Windows 7 users about a new Windows 7 End-of-Life notification that’s coming your way soon.

Starting on April 18, 2019, Windows 7 users will begin seeing periodic notifications reminding them that Windows 7 will reach its end-of-life on January 14, 2020. The notifications will contain a “Learn more” link to a Microsoft page which contains information about the end of support for Windows 7 and recommending Windows 7 users upgrade to Windows 10.

The “Learn more” page says, among other things:

…While you could continue to use your PC running Windows 7, without continued software and security updates, it will be at greater risk for viruses and malware. Going forward, the best way for you to stay secure is on Windows 10. And the best way to experience Windows 10 is on a new PC. While it is possible to install Windows 10 on your older device, it is not recommended…”

Cloudeight InfoAve Windows tips

The text in the notification above reads as follows:

After 10 years, support for Windows 7 is nearing the end.

January 14, 2020, is the last day Microsoft will offer security updates and technical support for computers running Windows 7. We know change can be difficult, that’s why we’re reaching out early to help you back up your files and prepare for what’s next.

If you don’t want to keep receiving these Windows 7 End-of-Life notifications, keep on reading.

Don’t want to keep receiving these End-of-Life notifications? Then be sure to check the box next to “Do not remind me again.”

Cloudeight InfoAve Windows tips

Below: A close-up. Check the box just to the left of “Do not remind me again” if you don’t want to see these notifications pop-up on your computer periodically.

Cloudeight InfoAve Windows tips

If you prefer not to install this update at all, open Windows Update in Control Panel and set Windows Update to “Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them”. When you see that KB4493132 waiting for installation, be sure you don’t install it.

If the update does get installed somehow, go to Control Panel > Programs & Features and click on “View installed updates” on the menu on the left.
Cloudeight Windows tips

Now, find KB4493132 in the list of installed updates and double-click on it. Confirm you want to uninstall it by clicking “Yes”.

Cloudeight Windows tips

If you don’t stop these notifications will continue to pop up on your Windows 7 computer.

Forewarned is forearmed. If you’re using Windows 7 you can use it safely until January 14, 2019. Although Microsoft has never announced it officially you can still upgrade to Windows 10 free, see our article here.

And if you want Windows to look and work more like Windows 7, we can help. Check out our Windows 10 Transformation service here

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Quick Assist: Help somebody or have somebody help you
Windows 10

If you have a Microsoft account you might be surprised to learn that Windows 10 includes a feature called Quick Assist. Quick Assist allows you to get help from a friend without installing any third-party software. Windows 10 Quick Assist does not have a lot of fancy features, but it does work well and it’s a quick way to get help from a friend or give help to a friend.

Whether you want to give or get help, you’ll first need to open Quick Assist. It’s buried in the start menu under Windows Accessories. The quickest way to open Quick Assist is to type QUICK in taskbar search and press Enter.

When Quick Assist opens you’ll be able to choose “Get assistance” or “Give Assistance”.

Cloudeight InfoAve Windows 10 Tips

In this demo, we’re going to show you how to provide assistance to someone, but you’ll also learn how to get assistance too.

If you choose to give assistance, you’ll need to sign in with your Microsoft account. A Microsoft account is an email account that ends in,,, or

Cloudeight InfoAve Windows 10 Tips

After you’ve entered your Microsoft account email address, you’ll need to enter the password for your Microsoft account.

Cloudeight InfoAve Windows 10 Tips

Once you’ve signed in, you’ll see a security code. You can call your friend with this number or send the security code via email.

Cloudeight InfoAve Windows 10 Tips

The person you’re helping will need to open Quick Assist and enter the six-digit security code.

Cloudeight InfoAve Windows 10 Tips

Once the person you’re helping enters the number,  you’ll want to ask for “Full control”. The person you’re helping will see a small window asking if they want to allow you to control their computer. If they want your help, they’ll need to click “Allow”.

Cloudeight InfoAve Windows 10 Tips

Above you can see the Quick Assist window with the remote computer in full view. You can then control the remote computer as you would you own and do whatever you need to do to help a friend in need.

So, now if a friend calls you and asks for help with his or her computer, you can tell them about Quick Assist. You’ll be able to help them just like you were sitting at their computer.

Quick Assist – another useful but hidden feature of Windows 10.

Cloudeight InfoAve Premium

Want more computer tips & tricks?

What are Windows 10 Requirements?

What's coming in Windows 10 Version 1903?

We have thousands of Windows tips, tricks and more on our InfoAve web site. Come see for yourself
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SeniorPass is valid for unlimited computer care & repair sessions for one full year starting with the first time you use it. The clock does not start ticking until you use your SeniorPass for the first time. A great deal!

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Computer care & repair for one full year just $99!  Check out our SeniorPass offer right now!

Get your SeniorPass and/or get more information here. 

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Cloudeight InfoAve Premium -Tips & Tricks

Trivia Fans Will Love Triviaplaza

A long, long time ago, in a kingdom by the sea, there lived a young man who played Trivial Pursuit with anyone who would play it with him. It didn’t take long before everyone who played against him found his Achilles’ heal — the category was “Entertainment”. Yep, that young man was me and I was a terror at Trivial Pursuit in every category accept Entertainment. Like I know who Tom Hanks and Gene Wilder and Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart are. But I have no idea who most actors and actresses are.

For example, I thought Reese Witherspoon was a basketball player — and that’s the truth. I thought Kanye West was a girl. Stuff like that. I didn’t know entertainment when I was young and I know even less about it now. Unlike EB I don’t have my head buried in “People” magazine and I sure don’t read “Cosmopolitan” – I know, I know, EB should be ashamed.

The point is, and yes I do have one, almost everyone loves a good trivia quiz. I guess because if you flunk a trivia quiz you can still think you’re smart, whereas if you took a test of general knowledge and flunked you’d probably cry.

I spent so much time messing around with this site pick, that I neglected my work, and now EB is hunting me down and if she catches me, I will be on the road to perdition. And yes, everything I tell you about EB is 100% true! I know you it’s all fiction. I’ll tell you a secret. She has a sign at the end of her driveway that says “Stay out or be shot”. And if you’re tempted just look up at her front porch and you’ll see EB sitting there in a housedress cradling a shotgun.

Getting back to the subject at hand: One good thing EB did this week – during her idle time, and she has lots of it because I do all the work — was find this site of the week. Of course, she knows I’m a Trivia buff, she just doesn’t think I know anything. And a lot of you think I’m full of hot air and bad grammar. You think I don’t much. I’m about to prove you wrong, if not about my grammar, about my not knowing much. Just hang on and I’ll show you!

I spent way too long playing trivia and proving that I’m still pretty good at trivia, and I’m not as dumb as many people (EB) think.

The site where I displayed my considerable trivia talent is called Triviaplaza. If you love Trivia as much as I do, then you’ll really love this site too.

Cloudeight Internet InfoAve
You can clearly see from the image above, I really did visit this Cloudeight site pick. You can also see some of the categories of trivia offered. Look up! See?

Not only did I visit Triviaplaza, but I also wasted over 3 hours there while I should have been writing this newsletter. It’s a wonder I get anything done.

I took a mixed general science trivia test, and while I didn’t ace it, I did do well – see? Better than average, as I keep trying to tell EB.

Cloudeight Internet InfoAve

Regardless of your interests, you’ll find a trivia category on this site to challenge you. Many categories have levels from somewhat easy to very difficult. So, if you think you’re the king or queen of trivia, you’ll want to plan on visiting Triviaplaza and challenging yourself.

Every category has many subcategories, so you can actually spend days here and never notice you’ve not eaten or slept. Which is a good way to lose weight and or get sick. Kidding!

Cloudeight Internet InfoAve

Cloudeight Internet InfoAve

Just so you know, EB would not allow me to post her trivia test results in this newsletter and threatened me with horrible things if I did. I don’t like the horrible things,  so as you can see, I complied.

If you like Trivia as much as we do, you’ll love our site pick, Triviaplaza.

Cloudeight InfoAve Premium

Reg Organizer: Cloudeight recommended and endorsed.

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Musings on the Vernal Equinox

Today is the first day of spring, and after the winter we’ve had in my little corner of the world, it really means something this year. Normally, the first day of spring comes and goes, and I pay it little attention. Our winters in recent years have been more of a series of protracted springs than real winters. Oh, sure, we had a few days when it snowed, and a few bitter days, but for the most part until this past winter, we spared the cruel onslaught of never-ending cold, wild, harsh winds, and snow piled up to the tops of fences. After the brutal, savage, unrelenting winter from which we are just now emerging, this particular first day of spring means a lot to me.

I will celebrate it.

And let me point out, I am not being an out-of-touch-with-reality dreamer this year. I know that just because today is the day of the vernal equinox — the day when the sun, in its long trek northward from the Tropic of Capricorn, crosses the equator – it doesn’t mean I’ll be out sipping tea in the gazebo. There are cold days to come, some of them, I’m sure will remind me – with a not-so-gentle slap in the face, that winter really hasn’t completely loosened its icy grip. And we’re going to have more snow and more cold; I’ve lived more than long enough to know that the first day of spring is nature’s biggest teaser — winter’s still out there somewhere, defying the natural progression of things, trying its best to defeat the eternal circle of life, obstinate and contrary, bound and determined to make us miserable, at least a few more times, before it hides in its dark and gnarly cave until it wakes again next December. Even winter belongs in the cycle of thing — it has its place. Without it, I wouldn’t be celebrating this day.

After winter’s death took away the last of the bright and beautiful autumn leaves, vacuumed away the last of the forest’s living things, and left the once majestic woodland trees looking like sad, dark, forlorn skeletons, brittle and silhouetted harshly against the eternally gray winter sky, I expected another typical winter — cold, but not brutal, a few days of snow, and of course that relentless cold wind that winter always brings. But I never expected to be shut in, and nearly shut down by the most brutal winter in decades.

Until today, ironically, we’ve had snow on the ground since November; save for a few brief respites, the snow has covered everything, everywhere for months and months. Storm after storm reloaded the yards and the sidewalks and the roads with more snow. There were piles of snow at the end of my driveway I would have sworn were going to take until mid-June to melt. These were towering snow mountains at least eight feet high. I should know, I built them with my own hard labor, using nothing but a snow shovel and energy and strength I didn’t know I had. But today is the first day of spring, and those monuments to my suffering and to winter's cruelty...Re

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What is a CPU?

For years people have been calling their computers "CPUs". As in, "I packed up my CPU and donated it to the school." While you can indeed pack up a CPU and give it to someone, what you'd really be giving them is a processor. which does not look anything like your computer.

 Cloudeight Internet InfoAve
The above is a computer, to be more precise it's a desktop computer. But one thing it's not, it's not a CPU.

Cloudeight Internet InfoAve

The above is a CPU. It's a processor. It's the brain of your computer. CPU is an acronym that stands for Central Processing Unit.

So, now you know what a CPU is and what a CPU isn't, right? 

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Cloudeight InfoAve Premium - Issue  #808
Volume 16 Number 24
April 5, 2019

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