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The Cloudeight Quicknotes Library
The Web's Largest and Most Popular Collection of free email Stationery - Over 4500 selections!
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Quicknotes are used the same as our scrolling musical stationery; they are a simple stationery without music and scrolling. At this time we do not have any quicknotes for Windows Live, but will soon be adding them to our library, so be sure you are signed up for our free newsletter so you can be notified.

Selections marked with asterisks ** are members only selections.  You must go to your Members Only page to download these selections. Each stationery newsletter has a dircect link to members pages.

QuickNotes 1

QuickNotes 2

QuickNotes 3 **
Gift Gallery

QuickNotes 4

QuickNotes 5

QuickNotes 6 **
Glamour Pack

QuickNotes 7
Geopapers® Style

QuickNotes 8 **
Black & White

QuickNotes 9

QuickNotes 10
No Longer Available

QuickNotes 11
Simple Pleasures

QuickNotes 12**
Art Richard Thompson

QuickNotes 13
No Longer Available

QuickNotes 14
Vintage Halloween

QuickNotes 15**

QuickNotes 16
Animal Talk

QuickNotes 17**
Art of Jim Warren

QuickNotes 18
Victorian Thanksgiving

QuickNotes 19
Christmas Revisited

QuickNotes 20
Vintage Christmas

QuickNotes 21 **
Christmas Variety

QuickNotes 22
The Art of Lynn Bean

QuickNotes 23
Vintage Valentines!

QuickNotes 24

QuickNotes 26**

QuickNotes 27
Vintage Easter

QuickNotes 28
Easter Kids

QuickNotes 29 **
Quick Greetings

QuickNotes 30
Art of  Dennis Cox

QuickNotes 31**
Fun Notes 2 Dennis Cox

QuickNotes 32
Fantasy & Fairy

QuickNotes 33
The Art of Sandpaint

QuickNotes 34
Art of Jason Swain

QuickNotes 35 **

QuickNotes 36

QuickNotes 37 **

QuickNotes 38
Cloudeight: Halloween

QuickNotes 39
Autumn Treats

QuickNotes 40 **

QuickNotes 41**
Dennis Cox Christmas

QuickNotes 42**
Victorian Santas

QuickNotes 43**
Art of Denton Lund

QuickNotes 44**
St Patrick's Day

QuickNotes 45**
Fun With Cloudie

QuickNotes 46
Simply Elegant

QuickNotes 47**
Beautiful Places

QuickNotes 48
Birds & Butterflies

QuickNotes 49
Wild West

QuickNotes 50**
Big Cats

QuickNotes 51**
Summer Themes

QuickNotes 52**

QuickNotes 53

QuickNotes 54**

Autumn Colors

QuickNotes 55
Haunted Harvest

QuickNotes 56**
Joyful Thanks

QuickNotes 57
Christmas Past

QuickNotes 58**
Linen Plain and Simple

QuickNotes 59
Vintage Valentines

QuickNotes 60
Art of Ron & Mamie

QuickNotes 61**
Mardi Gras

QuickNotes 62**
Fun With Sandpaint

QuickNotes 63**
Memorial Day

QuickNotes 64
Nostalgic Country

QuickNotes 65**
Canine Art-Val Stokes

QuickNotes 66**
Just Plaids

QuickNotes 67
Art of Bob Berendt

QN 68 Inspirations**
For Members

QN 69 Thanksgiving**
For Members

QN 70 Christmas**
For Members

QN 71 Love**
For Members

QuickNotes 72**
St. Patrick's Day

QN 73 Eastertime**
Easter QuickNotes

QN 74 Abstracts**
Art of Val Stokes

QN 75 Liberty**
Patriotic QuickNotes

QN 76 Boutique**
Art of Nancy Kasten

QN 77 Designz**
Cool Designs

QN 78 Kids**
The Art of Karren

QN 79 Islander Art**
The Art Ron Mathis

QuickNotes 80**
Thanksgiving Fun

QuickNotes 81**
Christmas Gift Wrap

QuickNotes 82**
Christmas Remembered


QuickNotes 83**
Folks At Work

QuickNotes 84**
People Notes

QuickNotes 85**

QuickNotes 86**

QuickNotes 87**
Simplistic Lines

QuickNotes 88
Jonathan Truss Art

QuickNotes 89**
All About Cats

QuickNotes 90**
Delightful Textures

QuickNotes 91**
America's Birthday

QuickNotes 92**
School Days

QuickNotes 93**

QuickNotes 94**

QuickNotes 95**
Ocean Imagery

QuickNotes 96**
Just Textures

QuickNotes 97
Spooky Stuff

QuickNotes 98

QuickNotes 99


QuickNotes 100
Wild Things

QuickNotes 101
Killer Pumpkins

QuickNotes 102
The Haunted Studio

QuickNotes 103

Killer Pumpkins II

QuickNotes 104
Cloudeight Thanksgiving

QuickNotes 105
Christmas Blessings

QuickNotes 106
Teddy Bear Christmas

QuickNotes 107

QuickNotes 108

QuickNotes 109
Animal Life

QuickNotes 110
Christian Easter

QuickNotes 111
Pet Portraits II

QuickNotes 112

Baby Brownies

QuickNotes 113
Cartoon Tyme

QuickNotes 114
Bridges To Yesterday

QuickNotes 115
Butterfly Dreams

QuickNotes 116
Spring & Summer Blossoms

QuickNotes 117
USA Patriotic QuickNotes

QuickNotes 118

QuickNotes 119

QuickNotes 120
Wonders of Nature

QuickNotes 121

QuickNotes 122
Spooky Mail

QuickNotes 123
Haunted Studio 3

QuickNotes 124
Thanksgiving 7

QuickNotes 125
A Merry Little Christmas

QuickNotes 126
White Christmas

QuickNotes 127
Members only collection

QuickNotes 128
Winter Wishes

QuickNotes 129
Valentine's Favorites

QuickNotes 130
Waiting For Spring

QuickNotes 131
Dance of Dreams

QuickNotes 132
Lucky Day - St. Patrick's Day

QuickNotes 133
Easter Greetings

QuickNotes 134
People Around The World

QuickNotes 135
Native American

QuickNotes 136
Fantasy Canvas

QuickNotes 137
Above & Below

QuickNotes 138
Western Serenity

 QuickNotes 139
Magic Palette

QuickNotes 140
Allusions VI

QuickNotes 141

QuickNotes 142
Haunted Studio

QuickNotes 143
Halloween 16

QuickNotes 144
Halloween 17

QuickNotes 145

QuickNotes 146
Christmas Wishes

QuickNotes 147
Old Fashioned Christmas

QuickNotes 148

QuickNotes 149

QuickNotes 150
Hearts and Stuff

QuickNotes 151
Spring Fling

QuickNotes 152
Old Time Easter

QuickNotes 153
Faery Footprints

QuickNotes 154**
Floral Delights

QuickNotes 155**

QuickNotes 156**
Happy 4th

QuickNotes 157**

QuickNotes 158
Enchanted World

QuickNotes 159
Halloween Memories

QuickNotes 160


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